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Often once a world is griefed, the owner can lose all motivation to continue creating or expanding their world, or sometimes creating new worlds. The less time you spend removing the grief, the more time you have to build and create.

Tips on Preventing and Fixing Grief[edit | edit source]

Avoid Giving Out Perms[edit | edit source]

Unless your game is a free-build or a plot world, you don't necessarily need admins or builders. Some games don't have any builders or admins, which practically negates most forms of grief. You can also only perm trusted people or friends, and/or save backups before perming.

Don’t Mass Perm[edit | edit source]

If you own a free-build game or are an admin in one, giving lots of players builder or admin perms at the same time is never a good idea. It can actually makes it lot easier for griefers to avoid being banned or detected, as it is a lot harder to determine who griefer(s) are when you have to divide your attention towards lots of people. If you absolutely must use perms stands, you can, but remember not to perm more than one player at a time. Asking players if they will grief is a waste of time, as its very easy to lie.

Keeping an Eye on Everyone[edit | edit source]

If you are suspicious of a player, you should stand somewhere they can't see you and make sure you are not facing their direction (even if you are hidden) in order to keep an eye on them. For example, if you are in a free-build game that includes an ocean, you could hide in that. Even if you aren't suspicious of players, you should still keep an eye on them, an example of which could be if you own plot world, simply walking around can be a good idea.

Closing Your Game/ Preventing Offline Grief[edit | edit source]

If you are the last person left in a game (and you are an admin or the owner), unperm everyone with builder perms (you should be able to trust all your admins) before you leave. A good way of remembering who had perms is using [stats]; you can use a stat like Builder or Perm, which will help you to know who to re-perm. You can also private your game using the !private command if you’d like, but only if you are the owner of the world.

Note: Admins can remove builder perms, but cannot remove admin perms.

Who Placed That?[edit | edit source]

If your world is griefed or someone builds something inappropriate, you can move your mouse over a block and use the command !whoplaced to ban the player that placed the block(s). If you suspect multiple people have griefed you can use the !ez command ”!ezwhoplaced” to assist in figuring out who griefed. Sometimes taking a screenshot of their name can be useful later-on.

(VIP) Filling Gaps[edit | edit source]

If large areas of blocks are missing for your world (block-deletion grief), you can use the commands !fill and !ezfill to quickly rebuild the missing regions of your world. Keep in mind that these commands will work if you don’t have VIP, but you will only be able to fill 10 blocks at a time without the game-pass as opposed to the 200 blocks at a time with the game-pass.

(VIP) Deleting Grief[edit | edit source]

To quickly remove large areas of spammed blocks (placement grief), you can use the commands !bulldoze and !ezbulldoze, which will let you select points to delete all blocks within the area drawn between the points. It’s important to mention that this the recommending commands for deleting grief won’t work without VIP, so if you don’t have the game-pass, you will have to delete things manually.

Ask Your Friends[edit | edit source]

Make sure to ask your friends (or people you trust) to help rebuild/repaint and remove grief from your world. When you have help rebuilding worlds, it can (I find) re-motivate and sometimes even inspire you to improve on or even completely rebuild your structures.

Movables[edit | edit source]

To remove cubes or balls (movables) use the command !movable clear. However, using this command will wipe out all movables in the world, so use it with caution!

Oceans[edit | edit source]

If your world has been ‘flooded’ by a griefer, use the command !ocean to remove the ocean. If someone has added a functionality to the ocean using a command, you can remove the functionality by using the designated command for said functionality on the ocean. These commands could include !kill, !tele, !baller, etc.

Don't Reset Your World![edit | edit source]

Sometimes resetting your world (in the past, you would typically do this with the command !resetworld, but now the !templates command is the go-to for wiping worlds) isn't a good idea, as removing all your progress is likely to de-motivate you; instead, you can try fixing the grief, as it won't remove all of your progress, and you might be able to spot errors with your world you were not able to see before.

Using Backups[edit | edit source]

Backups are usually the best way to recover destroyed builds, as using them can instantly revert the entire world back to the time the backup was saved at. Keep in mind, however, that things like movable mechanisms might be negatively impacted by backup usage, and progress will be lost if you load a non-recent backup save to attempt to recover your world. To use backups, simply type the command !backups, which will pop up a backups menu, allowing you to save and delete backups.

Note: Backups can only be saved and deleted by the owner of a world, or in some cases, admins, provided the owner of the world turns on the admin backup editing configuration in the !world menu.

Using Logs[edit | edit source]

Using logs can be a great way to quickly neutralize a griefer’s ability to damage your world, as it can give insight as to who is performing the grief. By simply typing !logs, a server log of all placements, deletions, commands, etc., will pop up on your screen, allowing you to quickly pinpoint griefers.

Commonly Griefed Games[edit | edit source]

The games that get griefed are usually the ones that give out permissions, for example Free Builds, these will basically give you builder and you will build, BUT, sadly most of these are cash grabs, with the same thumbnails from the library. Games like an obby for builder/admin were not so usual like free builds, although there's more games than before with that concept.

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