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New to Blockate? Overwhelmed by the things you can do? Worry no more! In 15 minutes, you'll have all you need to go from to building slacker to master.

Navigating the Hub[edit source]

File:RobloxScreenShot20191222 191349358.png

Here is the menu that appears upon entering the game. This menu can be broken into six parts.

Label Name Function
A Blux Count Indicates your current Blux (B$), the currency of Blockate.
B World Tabs + Search Bar Shows featured, active, and your own worlds. Or search for specific worlds.
C World List Shows the worlds present, so scroll down use scroll wheel or slide down
D Menu Tabs Switch between other aspects of the menu. (But we don't care about this)
E Tutorial Teaches you about Blockate… But if you're here, it probably failed you.
F Create World Button Creates your new world; the first is free, subsequent worlds cost 500 Blux.

Visiting Others' Worlds[edit source]

Once you familiarize yourself with the hub menu, you might wanna see what's possible on Blockate! Go to the Featured tab by clicking the rectangle around "Featured Worlds." The following list on the Featured Worlds page on the hub menu are worlds that staff members recommend. Here are some recommendations:

  • Super Roblox 64 Remake by HypnoticRobot364
  • BlockEgg Hunt by CaIIMeMatt
  • Cube Climbers by RyansNutella
  • Temple of the Golden Crown by XxSWxX

Creating Your First World[edit source]

Small, plain, and kinda ugly but… it has potential I guess?

At this point, you might wanna start building your own world. To do that, go to the hub and select the Create World Button. Fun fact, since 2018, Blockate’s first worlds had a Sphere, but now it doesn't have a sphere. Remember, only the first world is free; subsequent worlds cost 500 Blux to create! Once you do, you'll enter and see this:

Learning to Build[edit source]

That island is small, very small... too small to build anything grand or amazing. Luckily it can be expanded! Press Q or B to switch from Spectator mode (Default) to Build mode. You'll know you're in build mode when this menu appears:

File:RobloxScreenShot20191222 195345891.png
Label Name Function
A building properties Determines the properties of the placed
B Block type determines the block color, material, shape and size of the block placed
C block configure determines the block's physical and visual functions (transparency, reflectance, can collide, light color, light brightness
D block color determines the color of the block placed
E ghost block shows where the next block is going to be placed
F light color Determines the color of the light for the block placed

The arrows beside each label can be used to cycle between the variations possible. This may require experimenting to become familiar with.

Learning to Delete[edit source]

If you're in Build mode, press Q or B again to enter delete. Deleting is relatively simple compared to building; Point at a block and click it. Boom! The block is gone. If you want to enter build mode again, press Q or B twice: once to cycle to Spectator mode, once more to cycle to Build Mode. By default, this is the order that gets cycled:

Spectate → Build → Delete → Spectate → Build → Delete → Spectate…

Challenge![edit source]

If you feel (somewhat) comfortable, try building this house!


Here's what you need to know:

  • The house's size is 9 by 4 by 9, walls are Dirt Brown Wood blocks.
  • Floor is 7 by 7 Bronze, Wood Plank blocks.
  • Windows are Bright Blue Glass, 0.5 Transparency.
  • Roof is made with 4 by 2 by 4 Bronze, Wood blocks.
  • Chimney is made with 4 by 4 by 4 Burgundy, Brick and 4 by 2 by 4 Dark Stone Grey, Diamond Plate cylinders.
  • Door frame is made with 4 by 2 by 4 Inverse Cut Cylinder Dirt Brown Blocks.

Now you have learnt the basics of Blockate, explore, build and master the game! Your journey has now begun.

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