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What is VIP?[edit source]

VIP is a gamepass in Blockate that allows you to have special privileges and commands. It costs 250 ROBUX (originally 79, then 99, then in 2020-21 it was changed to 250.) and was introduced to Blockate on August 26, 2018.

The gamepass can be purchased in the Blockate Gamepass section

Rewards of Buying[edit source]

  • RGB instead of normal color palette
  • Tax from 30% in shop item earnings to 10%
  • 100 max worlds (NonVIP's have a world limit of 32)
  • An exclusive VIP fedora hat
  • !decal, !fill, !bulldoze, !dab
  • Being able to change the size of the painting tool wider than normal players can
  • Other features coming soon!