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Active Worlds are worlds that get lots of players often. The most active worlds will be placed at the first few pages, and the least will be placed to the few last pages. The more players and visits a world has, the more chance it will be on the front page. If there is a world with 2 players that have 92 visits, while yours has 121 and 2 players, Your world will appear more to the first page then the other world. If you only have 1 player and 121 visits, the other world will be closer the front page than yours.

How to get Active Worlds:

  1. Have friends in Blockate. Friends are more likely to join your server than random players.
  2. Advertise, but not spam something like this, "Who wanna play my game?" It annoys other players. You should advertise when there are a lot of players.
  3. Have a good thumbnail and title. No one wants to join a world that says "(player's) world # (number)." You should make a thumbnail from paint, or use an online picture that isn't copyrighted.
  4. Make your world look good. Don't just use the same block shape. Use texture and colors to make blocks that look cool and suited for the environment.
  5. Know what genres of games are the most popular in Blockate.
  6. Get lots of visits. This may take a while to get if your world isn't popular. Visits increase your likelihood to be more to the front page.
  7. Be active in your server. Servers with no players won't appear in the active worlds page, so one player is better than none!
  8. Ask your friends to let you put warps leading to your world! This is especially helpful if your friend's server is popular to increase your chances on getting up there!
  9. Think of a new trend, With ideas from different trends (Don't touch the example, etc.) And try to make a new trend that could change Blockate's concept!

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