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Active Worlds[edit source]

Active Worlds are worlds that have players in them at the time you view the worlds list. The most active worlds will be placed in the top 9 spots.

Active worlds are ranked by players and visits combined, although players usually matter more when getting your world to front page.

How to get Active Worlds[edit source]

  • Have friends in Blockate. Friends are more likely to join your server than random players.
  • Have a good thumbnail and title. No one wants to join a world that says "(player's) world # (number)." You should make a thumbnail from paint, or use an online picture that isn't copyrighted.
  • Make your world look good. Don't just use the same block shape. Use texture and colors to make blocks that look cool and suited for the environment.
  • Know what genres of games are the most popular in Blockate.
  • Get lots of visits. This may take a while to get if your world isn't popular. Visits increase your likelihood to be more to the front page.
  • Be active in your server. Servers with no players won't appear in the active worlds page, so one player is better than none!
  • Think of a new trend, With ideas from different trends (Don't touch the example, etc.) And try to make a new trend that could change Blockate's concept!

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