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Welcome to stats, one of the most powerful and flexible features in Blockate, but also one of the most confusing. At simplest, it's the "calculus" of Blockate, marred with many, many, pitfalls. It will take time, a lot of patience and it will take many failed attempts... Dramatic enough? Yes? Good! Let's dive right into it.

!stat add (statname) - Adds a new stat, the start of a new era...

!stat remove (statname) - Removes an existing stat.

!statgiver (statname) (id) - A statgiver is a block that gives you a stat.

!statremover (statname) (id) - A statremover is a block that removes a stat.

How statgivers and statremovers work is a little bizarre, a statgiver gives you an ID and the statremover removes it. Statgivers can only give one ID, and IDs can be anything, numbers, letters, symbols, you name it. They're more like statidgivers/removers, if you gave yourself a stat ID by the name of (for example) "awesome", only a stat removers of the same ID could remove it, so if you made a statremover with the ID "cool" it wouldn't do anything since you've never given yourself that ID. You cannot give yourself the same id multiple times.

!stat weight (stat) (statid) (weight) - Changes the weight of the specified (statid) for the stat. The weight of the stat affects how much it affects the value of the stat, which is the number that appears on the leaderboard and what stattele checks for. Any id's default "stat weight" is 1.

!stat name (statname) (new name) - Changes the stat's name. (pretty self-explanatory)

!stat display (display name) (new display name) - Changes the display name of the stat. (not the actual name!)

!stat display (statname) <on/off/get> - On/Off: Makes the stat show on the leaderboard and vice versa. Get: Tells you if it shows on the leaderboard or not.

!stat reset (plr) (statname)  - Resets the specified player's stat.

!stat show (statname) (plr)  - Shows you the value you have for that stat. If (plr) is left blank, shows every stat id for that stat.

!stattele (stat) (value) - Basically tele but it requires a certain stat value to teleport you to the destination.

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