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Teams[edit source]

Teams are a Roblox lead feature that can be useful to give certain players gears, give certain players select spawn locations, etc.

How to make a team?[edit source]

Start of by typing "!Team add (color)" replace the color with whatever color you want that is a brick color  if the error "The is not a brick color" pops up that means that the color you put in was not a color that is classified as a brick color. Now you name you team by typing "!Team name (color) (name)" replace (color) with whatever color you choose for your team and replace name with what you want the name to be.

How to change your team?[edit source]

There are a couple ways of doing this on of them is just assigning it yourself type "!Team set (plr) (name/colour)" replace (name/color) to the name or color you said in the previous step. You can also make a team brick by hovering over the brick you want to make a team brick and typing "!Teamer (name/color)" replace (name/color) with the name or the color of the team if you did it right a decal of a football with the team color will pop up on the brick.

How to edit the properties of the team?[edit source]

There are a couple properties you can edit when it comes to teams. The first one we will start off with it is auto assign teams or the team the players start in if you don't have a auto assign team then the game will automatically make a team called "Neutral" which they will automatically put the players in to remove that team join a different team if you need help use "How to change your team?" above this passage to get you into a new team once you are in that team you need to make on of your teams auto assignable to do that type "!Team auto (name/color)" replace the (name/color) with the name or the color of the team you want to be auto assignable. Next one will be team gear recommend that you have a web browser the displays URLs (Example: ), team gear allows you to make player in a team start off with a gear to grab the gear you want open Roblox then click on "Avatar shop" on the side it should say "gears+" click that then choose a category of your choice after that scroll around until you find the gear you want to use then find the URL on your web browser and look at it and find a couple a numbers (Example: we will call the numbers (gear) once you have done that type "!team gear (color/name) (gear)" replace (color/name) with the color or name of the team and replace (gear) with the numbers of the gear.

How to make a spawn for a specific team?[edit source]

To do this, you will have to put a spawn location then hover your mouse on it and say "!Spawn team (color/name)" replace (color/name) with the color or name of the team.

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