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For more information on editing, check the official MediaWiki article out.

Some good articles to edit[edit source]

The Changelog is a good article to edit. Blockate has had many updates over the course of it existing. You can find a lot of the undocumented updates by looking through the announcements page of Blockate's discord server.

Blockate's Category:Events is a category full of events. If you've played any of these events (even some that may be happening right now), surely you can fill out some details about it.

Articles that don't have much information and are put on the wiki as a starting point to add more information are called stubs. A lot of information is missing from these articles, so you can surely fill them out with basic knowledge.

How to mark a stub?[edit source]

To mark a page as a stub, put this at the beginning of the page:


What if I find an article that shouldn't be on this wiki?[edit source]

You can mark a page for deletion by putting this at the beginning of the page:


Pages that should be marked for deletion are

  • Pages that aren't related to Blockate.
  • Duplicate pages
  • Pages that are biased or nonfactual, such as "The Best World on Blockate"

Is there any other ways I could help?[edit source]

If you're good at contributing on wikia, and have contributed a lot to this wiki, you can ask Subs to give you extra user rights.

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