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Hey there! Do you want your Blockate worlds to be unique?
Do you want to know what Blockate worlds you should and shouldn't make? Well you've come to the right place! Here we'll teach you what to do!

Study which Blockate worlds on the Active page are repetitive[edit | edit source]

When you press C and look at the Active page, you can see some worlds that are pretty repetitive. Some popular examples are the the following:

  • Free Builds
  • Find the (Insert random object here)
  • Don't touch the (Insert random object here)
  • Build your own country
  • RNG Flings
  • Furry ( insert thing )

         etc. These are just some examples of repetitive Blockate worlds, and we highly suggest for you not to make one of these. Our goal here is to make Blockate less boring and repetitive and bring new things to the table, which will pull more players towards Blockate and keep the game alive. Try and think of an original concept, something nobody has thought of before. Use the filter on the world page to look for worlds of a specific catagory, and make a world of a catagory there are only a handful of. Puzzle and horror games can be quite fun to play, and there aren't many of them around.

Learning how to Build[edit | edit source]

You can visit building tutorial worlds, create a practice world, and generally just build to get better at building.

Making your world more attractive[edit | edit source]

One way to make your world more attractive is by adding a thumbnail! The thumbnail must be made by you, or a friend! Why can't you just pick a decal that's in the library you ask? Well, because people tend to join worlds that have custom thumbnails, and it shows that you're putting effort into your build. You can make a nice thumbnail in Paint, or use a screenshot of your world (Windows button+Printscreen or the ingame screenshot function). Alternatively, you can hire an artist to make a thumbnail for you.

Having a good Moderation Team[edit | edit source]

Having a good moderation team is essential in making a unique world. You can't just give people permissions to build because they're your friend, or they're begging, you're going to have to interview them first. Maybe make them send an application through google forms, your choice. Making a world on your own is quite hard to do, and also takes a lot of time. If you want help from people, but don't want them ruining your world when you're offline, you can !perm them, and then when you leave, set them back to visitor. That way, you can get help from people without risking your world.

Getting Featured[edit | edit source]

You need to have a well-built world and not just have a very large world to be featured. You can add detail, story, or even interesting mechanisms to have a better chance of getting featured.

Dedication[edit | edit source]

If you're going to try doing this, you need dedication. You need to make sure you won't get bored of building. You can do this! Keep building! There is always some part in your world that could use re-painting, updating, fixing, smoothing or whatnot. Keep adding more stuff, as that will show others you are serious about your world and that you put a lot of effort into it.

Feedback[edit | edit source]

When people join your world, listen to their suggestions! Of course, some of them will be trolls, and others will just be lying or just trying to pull your leg, but if you notice a recurring theme of what people are saying, implement it! If a lot of people say your world is too small, make it bigger, or if they say they want X, but you don't want X in your world, explain why to them. That will also keep people from leaving your world, since they will feel you are just ignoring them. The more people notice that you listen to their suggestions and helpful criticism, the more people will return to your game and perhaps even bring some friends.

Why are we telling you this?[edit | edit source]

Blockate has been really stale lately. Not a lot of good worlds are on the active page, and players are getting loads of Blux just by making lazily done worlds. Blockate needs to be better again, and we need to inspire others to think the same.

That's all folks! Good luck building!

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