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Note: Most of the methods to earn Blux are listed here, but if you know of any that aren't, feel free to edit this page!

Earning Blux[edit source]

There are multiple ways to get Blux:

  • You can purchase Blux with varying amounts of Robux.
  • Withdraw the earnings from your world(s). To get more earnings, convince players to stay in your world longer. The best way to do this is by making a hosted world. Every 5 minutes for one player is one Blux.
  • Visit a "Do this for Blux" world and receive Blux.
  • Receive donations from people.
  • Sell some of the hats you got from crates. Common hats sell for 200 Blux, rare hats sell for 800 Blux, and legendary hats sell for 4,000 Blux.
  • Sell something for Blux, like thumbnails for example.

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