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Blockate is a game that has many worlds, so if your reading this, I know you might love this tutorial.

Step 1:

Create your world by clicking on 'Create World', if your button says 'Create World (500B$)' then you need to go to your own by going to 'My Worlds' then click join on your world.

Step 2:

File:RobloxScreenShot20191105 172854090.png

When you join, you will find yourself on kind of a Minecraft blockate thing, now to build click 'Q' if your on a computer, if your on a mobile device, click 'change', now you can place blocks by clicking on the block position/place (To skip this easy tutorial go to 'Step 4') Now click again Q/change to find yourself in delete mode, and then again your in spectate mode.

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