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The Blux icon.
The Blux icon.

Blux is the universal currency of Blockate. Using Blux, you can purchase new worlds, in-game items, and hat crates.

Obtaining Blux[edit source]

There are multiple ways to obtain Blux, the most common and safe of which being to get people to visit your world. Once you've had people visit your world, you can withdraw it by pressing V or using the command !world. Click on the "Info" section and then at the bottom, click "Withdraw". This will also give you all earnings from selling gears in the shop section.

Another method is obtaining Blux via the community. There are countless free Blux worlds, but be careful, as some are scams. The majority of these free Blux worlds consist of you doing small obstacle courses. Assuming it's not a scam, the owner/admins will add you (since you need to be on the donator's friends list) and use the command !donate to send Blux to your account, if they own the gamepass VIP which costs 250 Robux.

You can also obtain Blux by selling [hats] from your inventory, but the Blux gained from doing this is usually lower than the amount spent to acquire the hat. Selling price correspondence to hat rarity can be seen below:

  • Common hats sell for 200 Blux.
  • Rare hats sell for 800 Blux.
  • Legendary hats sell for 4,000 Blux.

Apart from these other methods used to obtain Blux, you can also buy Blux using Robux! The amount of Blux you can buy in accordance with the amount of Robux spend can be seen below:

  • 2,000 Blux for 99 Robux
  • 5,000 Blux for 249 Robux
  • 15,000 Blux for 679 Robux
  • 30,000 Blux for 1,279 Robux

Trivia[edit source]

  • The name of Blux is the same name of the currency from Blocklr, which Blockate was inspired by.
  • There is also a blux creature that people call Bluxboy in Blockate.
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