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Function Make a player fly
Amount of Commands 4
Minimum Permission Level Builder

Overview[edit source]

Fly is a command that is used to make a player fly with a cloud under them. The command is for builders and above. You have to double jump to fly and unfly if you are a builder or above. Space is used to go up, left shift is used to go down.

History[edit source]

Flying was added in February 4, 2021. Only !fly and !unfly were added on the update. The fly command came out as a live event in the user Blockate's game. It was also announced on Blockate's twitter.[1]

Command Types[edit source]

!fly[edit source]

Fly is the most basic command in the fly command set. It uses the syntax !fly [player]. If only typing !fly it will make the player who used it fly.

!unfly[edit source]

Unfly is basically the oppisite of fly. It uses the syntax !unfly [player]. Like !fly, if only typing !unfly it will make the player who used it stop flying.

!flytogglable[edit source]

Flytogglable toggles when you can start flying via double jumping. It uses the syntax !flytogglable on/off. !flytogglable on would toggle when you can start flying. !flytogglabble off would toggle when you can start double jumping.

!flyer[edit source]

A block with the flyer command.

Flyer is a command that created a block that made any player that walked over it fly. It's syntax is just !flyer.

Trivia[edit source]

  • Flying was added on February 4, 2021.
  • Stacking a flyer with a kill block results in an "unflyer", which unflys the player.

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