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Warps can be added to a block to make it teleport players that touch it to a different world.

Warp locations can be used to create a destination that warps can send you to. Warping to a warp location can only be done between two worlds by the same owner.

A common use for warps is the creation of rejoin blocks that are made when a warp block warps the user to the same world.

History[edit source]

Warps were added July 13th 2019.

Commands[edit source]

!warp[edit source]

!warp uses the syntax !warp (id) [locationname]. This command creates a warp block. The warp block will teleport the player to the world with the specified id when touched. If a warp location is specified, players will spawn at the specified warp location after teleporting. Requires admin to use.

!warplocation[edit source]

!warplocation uses the syntax !warplocation (id) This creates a warp location. Warp locations can be used to create a destination that warp blocks can teleport you to between worlds. Requires admin to use, and the worlds intertwined by the command must both be owned by the same user, unless provided support via Blockate Staff.

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