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Image required
Function Allows you to view the block grid
Amount of Commands 7
Minimum Permission Level Builder

Overview[edit source]

Grid commands allow you to view and use the blockate grid to place blocks on, well nothing.

Command Types[edit source]

!grid[edit source]

Click a block to start using grid to place hovering over the void, or anything

!grid back[edit source]

Places a grid under the block you're hovering over.

!grid center[edit source]

Creates a grid in the center of the world.

!grid feet[edit source]

Creates a grid on the block your standing on.

!grid off[edit source]

Disables grid

!grid pull[edit source]

Pulls the grid towards your camera (must have grid enabled).

!grid push[edit source]

The opposite of grid pull, but it pushes away from your camera (must have grid enabled) this is good for precision builds.

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