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The image that pops up when you do the !soundblock command on a block.
Function Creates sound to blocks
Amount of Commands 8
Minimum Permission Level Builder

Overview[edit source]

Soundblocks are a command that adds audio to a block, the soundblock can be anything you want, if it's on the Roblox library. Soundblocks are added by using the !soundblock command. Whenever you put a soundblock on a block, it'll show the default Roblox audio icon in the library. If you walk far away from the Soundblock, you won't be able to hear it unless you increase it's radius or volume.

History[edit source]

Soundblocks were added on April 15, 2018 and was announced on Blockate's Twitter.[1] The video shows a player adding a Soundblock of Raining Tacos, and when he walks far away they can't hear it.

Command Types[edit source]

!soundblock[edit source]

The !soundblock command is the most basic soundblock command. It uses the syntax !soundblock (id). Apply a soundblock by hovering your mouse over a block then use the command. Sounds will be heard from that block.

!soundblock localloop[edit source]

!soundblock localloop uses the syntax !soundblock localloop. Toggles the sound between looping or not if it is a local soundblock caused by !soundblock localtrigger.

!soundblock localtrigger[edit source]

!soundblock localtrigger has the syntax !soundblock localtrigger. It makes it where you step on a block it'll play a sound that only the player that stepped on it can hear, and make it where it doesn't loop. Apply a soundblock localtrigger by hovering over a block and use the command. When you do that only you will be able to hear it as you step on it and it will not loop.

!soundblock mtrigger[edit source]

!soundblock mtrigger is just like !soundblock trigger. It uses the syntax !soundblock mtrigger and prevents it from looping. What a !soundblock mtrigger does is it makes it where a movable has to touch it to play the soundblock. Once it does it everyone will be able to hear it.

!soundblock radius[edit source]

!soundblock radius has the syntax !soundblock radius (radius). When you use this command, depending on your distance, you'll be able to hear it. If your far away that the radius can't reach it, you won't be able to hear it. Like the others, apply a !soundblock radius by hovering over a block then use the command.

!soundblock speed[edit source]

!soundblock speed uses the syntax !soundblock speed (speed). !soundblock speed makes the soundblock speed up. The default speed is 1. The lower the speed is, the slower it is, the higher the speed is, the faster it is. Hover over the block and then do the command to apply it like every other.

!soundblock trigger[edit source]

!soundblock trigger uses the syntax !soundblock trigger. It is basically !soundblock localtrigger, except when you step on it, not only you will be able to hear it, but everyone else in the world your in can hear it, and it does not loop.

!soundblock volume[edit source]

!soundblock volume uses the syntax !soundblock volume (volume). It's like !soundblock radius, except the soundblock is louder. Like every one, apply the !soundblock volume command by hovering over a block and then putting the syntax but replace the (volume) with the soundblock volume you want it to be.

!localsoundcancel[edit source]

Stops playing any sounds currently playing for the player caused by a soundblock localtrigger.

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