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Smoke Block.webp
An effect with the smoke texture
Function Create effects
Amount of Commands 12
Minimum Permission Level Builder

Overview[edit source]

Effects shown by ryanmatela on his game TestWorld, on Blockate's Twitter.

Effects are particle emitters than can be added to a specified side of a block. They are added using the !effect command and can be customized with many others. Custom or premade textures can be applied. For a guide on how to use effects, check out this page.

There are multiple premade textures, which can be used on decals and effects are the following:

  • sparkles
  • fire
  • smoke
  • blux
  • drip
  • grass
  • grasstall
  • wheat
  • plant
  • tele
  • portal
  • congaer
  • mtele
  • warplocation
  • timetele
  • sign
  • warp
  • kill
  • teamer
  • tripper
  • baller
  • soundblock
  • cannon
  • effect
  • statgiver
  • statremover
  • statreseter
  • stattele
  • geargiver
  • gearremover
  • powerup
  • checkedbox
  • checkbox
  • teamtele
  • mtimetele
  • flyer

History[edit source]

Effects were first shown in the hub in September, 2018. Effects were added in the Effect Update on October 6th, 2018. The command !effect fade was added on October 7th, 2018. The command !effect spin was added on October 17th, 2018. The smoke block was the first effect block in Blockate. It showcased effects in the Blockate Hub before effects were ever added. It used to emit smoke particles. This block was unattainable in any Blockate world.

Command Types[edit source]

!effect[edit source]

The !effect command is the most basic command in this set. It uses the syntax !effect (texture name/id) [side] Apply an effect by hovering your mouse over the side of a block then using the command. Particles will be emitted from that side. Alternatively, you can use [side] to specify which side you want it to be on.

!effect size[edit source]

!effect size uses the syntax !effect size (size) [side]. It changes the size of each particle on the specified side. The default size is 1, minimum is 0.5 and maximum is 100.

!effect color[edit source]

!effect color uses the syntax !effect color (brickcolor) [side]. It sets the color of the effect on the specified size. Only colors preset by roblox can be used.

!effect time[edit source]

!effect time uses the syntax !effect time (secs) [side]. It changes for how long each particle lasts.

!effect speed[edit source]

!effect speed uses the syntax !effect speed (studs per sec) [side]. It changes how quick each particle moves.

!effect spread[edit source]

!effect spread uses the syntax !effect spread (angle) [side]. It changes how far apart each particle is.

!effect amount[edit source]

!effect amount uses the syntax !effect amount (amount) [side]. It changes how many particles spawn.

!effect transparency[edit source]

!effect transparency uses the syntax !effect transparency (amount) [side]. It changes how transparent the effect is.

!effect fade[edit source]

!effect fade uses the syntax !effect fade (amount) [side]. It sets the time it takes for the effects to fade in and out. Set (amount) to 1 for it to spend 50% of its time fading in/out. (amount) has a minimum of 0 and a maximum of 1.

!effect spin[edit source]

!effect spin uses the syntax !effect spin (amount) [side]. (amount) can be positive or negative, which decides the direction/speed the effects will spin.

!effect force[edit source]

!effect force uses the syntax !effect force (x) (y) (z) [side]. The particles move in the direction of the force.

!effect gravity[edit source]

!effect gravity uses the syntax !effect gravity (x) (y) (z) [side]. It's like !effect force except the force will go back and forth.

Trivia[edit source]

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Sign - Soundblock - Tele - Tripper - Warp