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Function Allowing certain commands to be used multiple times without re-entering the command
Amount of Commands
Minimum Permission Level Builder

Ez commands are regular commands that can be used multiple times without inconvenience. For example, saying !kill will create 1 kill block but saying !ezkill will turn any block you click into a kill block. You can exit ez commands with !exit.

Notable Ez Commands[edit source]

!eztele[edit source]

!eztele is the ez variant of !tele. Unlike !tele, the block you hover over when you enter the command is the destination and blocks you click will turn them into teleporters (compared to !tele which has the block you hover over as the teleporter and what you click as the destination). All other !eztele commands work this way unless otherwise stated.

!ezmotele[edit source]

!ezmotele functions very unusually. When you enter the command, you then set a teleporter, then where you click becomes the destination which also becomes another teleporter to your next destination, and repeat.

!ezcannon[edit source]

!ezcannon functions like a normal cannon block, except that you click the direction of the block / Set an direction after the power [Ex: Left] and you can do it over and over again.

!ezruler[edit source]

Due to the nature of !ruler giving the dimensions after you use it on your screen, and ez commands also putting some text on your screen, the ez text overrides the ruler dimensions and therefore doesn't work.

List of Ez Commands[edit source]

This is a list of all commands in blockate that have an ez variant, removed commands are not listed here.

  • !ezballer
  • !ezbulldoze
  • !ezcannon
  • !ezdecal (& others)
  • !ezeffect (& others)
  • !ezfill
  • !ezgeargiver (& others)
  • !ezhidedecals
  • !ezkill
  • !ezmotele (& others)
  • !ezportal
  • !ezpowerup
  • !ezruler
  • !ezsign
  • !ezsoundblock (& others)
  • !ezspawn
  • !ezstatgiver (& others apart from !stat weight and !stat clear)
  • ezteamer
  • !eztele
  • !eztimetele
  • !eztripper
  • !ezwarp
  • !ezwhoplaced
  • !ezwhochanged

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