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This is a page about removed content, it is solely here for archival purposes.
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Function Make a player do the conga
Amount of Commands 2
Minimum Permission Level Builder (originally)

Overview[edit source]

The conga command was originally used to make a player do the conga from Team Fortress 2. The command was for builders and above. Shortly after conga was removed, saying !conga in any message would hub you, this did not have to be at the beginning of the message. You no longer get hubbed for saying !conga.

Command Types[edit source]

!conga[edit source]

!conga is the most basic command in the conga set. It used the syntax !conga [player]. If [player] was left blank then the user did the conga.

!congaer[edit source]

!congaer created a block that made any player that walked over it do the conga.

Trivia[edit source]

  • The reason for its removal was possibly because of fox finding it annoying.
  • The decal for congaer is still in the game, and therefore can be used with the decal command.

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