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A cannon pointing upwards.
Function Moves/Bounces the player in a certain direction.
Amount of Commands 1
Minimum Permission Level Builder

Overview[edit source]

!cannon is a command that can be added to a specified side of a block. Cannon is used to bounce the player up or down (if the cannon is going moving on the y axis) or it can be used for conveyors (if the cannon is moving on the x or z axis). Increasing the number will bounce you higher/move you quicker and decreasing it will have the opposite affect although, cannons are known to be sometimes random and not a fixed value.

Command Types[edit source]

!cannon[edit source]

!cannon is the only cannon command. It uses the syntax !cannon [power] [side]. It can go in the directions of up, down, forwards, backwards, left and right. It can move players as well as movables.

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