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Image required
Function Create images on blocks
Amount of Commands 7
Minimum Permission Level Builder (VIP)

Overview[edit source]

The decal commands are used to use custom images on blocks. All decal commands require VIP, but decals automatically displayed on blocks from applying commands can be removed using the !hidedecals command a non-VIP command.

Premade Textures[edit source]

There are lots of pre-made textures which can be used on decals and effects. In order to better describe each pre-made texture, categories for different specifications have been listed below.

Normal Pre-made Textures[edit source]

  • Baller
  • Blamesubs
  • Blux
  • Cannon
  • Checkbox
  • Checkedbox
  • Checkers
  • Congaer
  • Damager
  • Drip
  • Effect
  • Fire
  • Flyer
  • Geargiver
  • Gearremover
  • Grass
  • Grasstall
  • Healer
  • Kill
  • Mtele
  • Mtimetele
  • Mtimetelecancel
  • Plant
  • Poisoner
  • Portal
  • Portal
  • Powerup
  • Regenerator
  • Sign
  • Smoke
  • Soundblock
  • Sparkles
  • Spotsign
  • Statgiver
  • Statremover
  • Statreseter
  • Stattele
  • Teamer
  • Teamtele
  • Tele
  • Thincheckbox
  • Timetele
  • Timetelecancel
  • Tripper
  • Warplocation
  • Wheat

Blank Pre-made Textures[edit source]

All pre-made textures also have their own “blank” variants, which turn the entire existing texture into a white silloute of itself. In order to use blank variant decals, prefix the premade texture you want to use with the word “blank.” (i.e., blankgrasstall, blankcheckbox, etc.)

Blank Only Textures[edit source]

“Blank Only Textures” also exist, which are pre-made textures classified by only having a form that appears similar to a “blank” texture. Most of these pre-made textures are numerals, symbols, or geometric shapes.

  • Arrow
  • Circle
  • Cornerbox
  • Line
  • Lines
  • Square
  • Blankspawn
  • Thinline
  • Thinlines
  • Triangle
  • Triangleoutline
  • Wedge
  • Wedgeoutline
  • one
  • two
  • three
  • four
  • five
  • six
  • seven
  • eight
  • nine
  • zero
  • question
  • equals
  • exclamation

Command Types[edit source]

!decal[edit source]

!decal is the most basic decal command. It uses the syntax !decal (texture id/name). To use it, hover over a block then type out the command but replace (texture id/name) with a decal id or pre-made Blockate texture name. Alternatively, you can opt to not fill in the (texture id/name), which will remove any previously placed textures/decals on that surface of the shape.

!decal size[edit source]

!decal size adjusts the size of a decal. The default size is x=1 and y=1. Its syntax is !decal size (x) (y).

!decal offset[edit source]

!decal offset the position of the decal. The default offset is x=0 and y=0. Its syntax is !decal offset (x) (y).

!decal color[edit source]

!decal color changes the color of the decal. Its syntax is !decal color (r) (g) (b).

!decal tile[edit source]

!decal tile makes the decal tile multiple times across the width or height axis. Its syntax is !decal tile (width) (height). Omitting (width) and (height) will turn off tiling.

!decal rotation[edit source]

!decal rotation rotates the decal up to 360 degrees both ways. Its syntax is !decal rotation (angle).

!decal transparency[edit source]

!decal transparency changes the transparency of the decal, with 0 being opaque and 1 being completely transparent. Its syntax is !decal transparency (number).

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