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Different permission levels allow you to run different commands, and determine if you can or can't build. Most of the permission levels are normally given with the !perm command.

Permission Levels[edit source]

Punished[edit source]

Getting punished is only achievable by breaking a major rule and being caught by a Blockate staff member.

When you are punished, you are banned from Blockate until a staff member unpunishes you. If you try to join Blockate, you will be kicked straight off.

Banned from a game
Banned from a game

Banned[edit source]

This rank is not given using the !perm command, instead it is given using !ban (plr). Players who have this rank are directly transported to the hub and are not authorized to join the game where they received the ban. Instead of the old “banned” play button, it doesn’t show a play button at all from where you were banned.

Visitor[edit source]

When you join a server for the first time, your rank is Visitor unless you are the owner. Visitors can only be given commands that do not impact others' gameplay. This rank can be given by running !perm (plr) or !unperm (plr). If a server is set to private (as performed by the command !private (on|off|get), exclusive to the owner), visitors will not be able to enter the game unless they are whitelisted with the !whitelist (plr) command and use the command !join (world id).

Builder[edit source]

This is a rank commonly used in types of building servers. It allows players with the rank to place and delete blocks, as well as run some commands used for building uses. If a world is in free build mode, the Visitor rank behaves the same as the Builder rank. This rank can be granted by running !perm (plr) builder. Builders can join private worlds.

Admin[edit source]

A level above the Builder rank, this allows the player all abilities of the previous ranks as well as nearly all commands. Admins have the ability to change others' permission levels. This rank can be given by running !perm (plr) admin.

Owner[edit source]

This is the highest rank that can be obtained by a regular player; it also cannot be revoked or given (unless changed by the Blockate account). It is automatically given to the creator of a world when it is created. This rank gives the abilities of all previous ranks, as well as the last few commands, including !private (on|off|get), !freebuild (on|off|get), template/backup loading and saving, and more.

Variations[edit source]

Depending on a player's position in the community, they receive special tags after their name in the permission list.

Hat Maker[edit source]

This tag is given to people that are Hat Makers (Setherdo22, Saturnius, and WispyTispy). They get a Hat Maker cube icon next to their name in the world menu, and the Hat Maker Cube hat.

More information can be found at the Hat Maker page.

Elite Builder[edit source]

Players who apply for Elite Builder and are successful get an Elite Builder Cube icon next to their name in the world menu, and two special Elite Builder hats.

More information can be found at the Elite Builder page.

Blockate Staff[edit source]

This tag is given to people that have the Staff or Admin rank in the Blockate group. Staff members get two special Staff hats (along with the Elite Builder & Hat Maker hats), have owner perms in every world, and cannot be banned. They have a B next to their username in the world menu.

They can use special commands like:

  • !follow (plr) - If the player is currently online on Blockate, it sends you to the world they're in.
  • !punish (plr) - Bans the player from Blockate. !unpunish (plr) is its counterpart.
  • !feature - Features the world you're currently in. It unfeatures the world if it's already featured.
  • !infectlaser - Gives a laser gun that infects blocks. Infected blocks are green pebble blocks that emit particles and explode, injuring or even killing players nearby.
  • !cure - Turns all infected blocks in the world back to normal.
  • !hats place (hat name) - Places the specified hat where they are standing. If you are not a Staff member, it will display "no homie".
  • !incrementblux (number) (plr) - Sets specified players blux to specified number.
  • !getblux (plr) - Shows the amount of blux a specified player has.

More information can be found at the Blockate Staff page.

Blockate Creator[edit source]

File:RobloxPlayerBeta kSPyMZvHCj.png

A rank given only to the creator of Blockate. Blockate, just like Staff members, has owner perms in every world and cannot be banned.

He's able to use the command !owner (plr), which gives ownership of the world he's currently in. He can also use every single command, including those that are for Staff members only.