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Portal: Blockate Edition
Creator fewkz
ID 1315853715
Earnings 134,507
Unique Visits 87,701
Blocks 40,180
Max Players 190

Overview[edit | edit source]

Portal: Blockate Edition is a remake of the obstacle world Portal: Blocklr Edition from blocklr which was also created by fewkz. Portal: Blocklr Edition was the second-highest reputation and second-highest visits on Blocklr at the time Blocklr had been taken down.

History[edit | edit source]

During the (2014 or 2015) Blocklr egg hunt, Portal: Blocklr Edition had an egg called the Wheatley egg, which was placed in the final boss level of the world. The creator of Blocklr, PlanarTheorem, had specifically coded the Wheatley egg to shoot laser beams at players which caused the player to trip, making the world and it's egg one of a kind.

There was also a ScriptOn egg placed in the center of the moon, which was because the popular Roblox developer ScriptOn had joined Portal: Blocklr Edition while fewkz was building the moon. Planar had probably ran out of ideas for eggs.

Portal: Blockate Edition was fewkz's attempt at playing Blockate as a player, and making sure that people who want to build worlds have an easy time doing so. Many features were added to Blockate from Portal: Blockate Edition, such as:

  • !ez commands, for quickly creating teleport blocks for the acid.
  • !portal command, for creating portals that maintain momentum.
  • !mtele, for making a "button" that moves a cube to the centre of an acid pit allowing the player to get across.

During the 2018 Blockate Egg Hunt, the original Wheatley egg from Portal: Blocklr Edition had been taken from Blocklr and used as an egg inside of Portal: Blockate Edition at the final level, although it was not scripted like the one in Blocklr.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • How to finish the last level
    The first levels are easy to beat until you get to the last level. It seems that there is supposed to be a cube that travels you across the lava to the finish, but there isn't. To beat the last level, you have to say /e dance2 next to a certain piece of wall (you can find it with shift lock) and since there is a blue portal on the other side that your hand touches, you will be teleported to an area where you quickly have to walk away from the portal so you won't go back. Then, you can see the ending from there. To get to the end, do a wall hop to the end of the game (it is a little tricky) and there you go! You have beaten Portal: Blockate Edition.