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Hat Maker: !resetworld.
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What is Hat Maker?[edit source]

Hat maker is one of several obtainable ranks in blockate. Comparable to Elite Builder, Hat Maker gives you many of the same things that Elite Builder does.

Obtaining Hat Maker[edit source]

In order to obtain Hat Maker, you must submit (And have accepted) 3 hats on the google form designated for hat submissions.

You can submit hats by using this form

After submitted, your hat may have a chance to be accepted through the form. After having 3 different hats accepted, you will obtain the Hat Maker rank.

How to tell who is Hat Maker[edit source]

Unlike Elite Builder, Hat Maker has a less notable rank within the Blockate group page.

In the contributors page, you can see hat makers, but you can also see other players who have had at least 1 hat accepted.

Also, if the Hat Maker obtains ranks like Elite Builder, Staff, etc., then they will not be visible as a Hat Maker, but instead as the higher tank they own.

Benefits of Hat Maker[edit source]

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