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The Hat Maker symbol.

Overview[edit source]

Hat maker is one of several obtainable ranks in Blockate; similarly to Elite Builder, Hat Maker gives you many of the same things that Elite Builder does.

Obtaining/Form[edit source]

In order to obtain Hat Maker, you must submit 3 hats - and have them accepted - on the google form designated for hat submissions.

You can submit hats by using the Blockate Hat Submissions Form. The form reads as follows:

Submit your hats for Blockate here! If your hat is accepted, any additional special effects or configuration for your hat may be discussed before it is added.

  • Feel free to collaborate on your hats with other people, just ensure

one person submits the form, and the others are included in the credits alongside the submitter.

  • One form per hat!

The form asks also for information surrounding the hat submission, which can be seen below:

  • What is the name of your hat?
  • In case of any complications, submit your discord tag so we can contact you.
  • What crate do you want your hat to be in? If craftable, leave blank. Please note, this does not guarantee your hat will be placed into this tier!
  • If applicable, submit concept art/drawings of your hat via image links.
  • Submit the RBXM file of your hat. For formatting, format your hat according to this Blockate Float Model Guide.
  • Put some links (e.g. Imgur, Discord CDN, etc) to images, videos, gifs etc of your hat here.
  • Provide the credits to your hat, e.g. "Model by Solyphonous, Effects by Subsical". Credits must be for Roblox usernames, not nicknames or usernames from other platforms.
  • If you have any additional information about your hat you wish to provide, such as info for craftable hats, enter it here.

After the hat is submitted, your hat may have a chance to be accepted through the form. After having 3 different hats accepted, you will obtain the Hat Maker rank.

Who is Hat Maker?[edit source]

Unlike Elite Builder, Hat Maker has a less notable rank within the Blockate Group Page.

In the contributors role fab, you can see people who have submitted at least 1 hat. Hat Makers may also be listed as a contributor because Hat Maker lacks its own group role. If the Hat Maker obtains a rank higher than Hat Maker, they will not be visible as a Hat Maker, but instead as the higher rank they own.

Hat Maker Benefits[edit source]

(Information required sry)

Trivia[edit source]

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