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In the inventory, you can equip hats and buy crates. There's 5 tiers of hat in Blockate. These tiers are Common, Rare, Legendary, Robux, and Exclusive. All of these types of hats sell for a different price. The common hat will sell for 200 Blux, the rare hat will sell for 800 Blux, and both Robux hats and legendary hats will sell for 4000 Blux.

You can also buy crates from the inventory to get hats. There's 4 types of crates currently available. The types of crate are Common crates, Rare crates, Legendary crates, and Robux crates. The first three types of crate can be bought with blux while the Robux crate can be bought with Robux.

To access the Exclusive hats, there is a special button you first must click on that will transport you to a page featuring all of your current Exclusive hats.

Combining Items[edit source]

File:Combining Hats

You can combine 5 items of the same tier to get a crate that is 1 tier higher. You can only combine items that are Rare or Common. You can also combine 2 Robux hats into a Robux crate, allowing you to get an extra reroll after buying 2 Robux crates. There's a hat called the Rubber Duckie Top Hat Noob that you can currently obtain by combining other hats. It's easy to get, you only need to combine these 3 hats: The Rubber Duckie Hat, the Noob Hat and the Top Hat.