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The Elite Builder symbol.

Overview[edit source]

Elite Builder is one of the several highly sought after obtain ranks within Blockate. Upon achieving the rank, you gain two hats, a pin next to their name in the world info, and smaller, and other, more negligible things. The rank can be obtained by submitting outstanding worlds into the Blockate Elite Builder & World Feature Applications Form.

Obtaining/Form[edit source]

Elite Builder can be obtained by submitting outstanding Blockate worlds on the the google form designated for featured worlds and Elite Builder.

You can obtain Elite Builder by submitting through this form. The requirements of the form are as follows:

  • Fill out the form properly in order to have your world(s) reviewed
  • Refrain from submitting duplicate applications
  • Do not submit a form form someone else without their consent beforehand

Additionally, the form uses two different forms of contacts; you can either enable Roblox messages and select the Roblox messaging option as your type of contact on the form, or join the Blockate Community Discord and make sure your DMs are open to server members (Keep in mind, this is only an option if you are 13 or older). If all other forms of contact fail, the reviewer will attempt to contact you by alternative means, such as placing a sign in your world. Upon arriving at the Elite Builder portion of the form, the following message should be displayed: The Elite Builder role is given to those who can make high quality, creative creations are able to showcase their building capabilities in a consistent manner. This means that you should be able to provide multiple worlds or examples of what you have created on Blockate. Elite Builder is mainly focused on building skills, however builders who are talented in other aspects of building such as movable mechanisms, or engaging fun worlds could qualify.

The following are what we look for in people who are given Elite Builder:

  • You have created builds that are visually appealing.
  • You are able to create large builds with a consistent style and quality.
  • You are able to use a variety of Blockate's features when creating your builds.
  • You have a big enough portfolio of builds available for us and the Blockate community to view.
  • You are a good role model for other players. Past infractions will be taken into consideration when finding if you are a good fit for Elite Builder.

You must submit multiple worlds for this form; The more, the better.

Additionally, it is good to keep in mind the format in which the worlds you submit should be listed. You require not only the name of the Blockate world(s), but also the world ID(s), which can be accessible by using the !id Command within the world you intend to submit.

Who is Elite Builder?[edit source]

Because of the amount of Elite Builders changing so often, it is quite hard to keep a list up to date.

The easiest and most reliable way to see who is elite builder is to check out the Blockate group page.

Elite Builder Benefits[edit source]

You gain several things from being Elite Builder, some of which are:

Trivia[edit source]

  • Elite Builder gives access to the Blockate Test Game, a game used to test random update features before they are released to the main game.
  • Elite Builder is usually referred to as “eb” by most of the community.
  • Despite the contents of the application form stating you can obtain Elite Builder with movable mechanics, you actually must have building knowledge in addition to movable mechanic knowledge.
  • Iconic_Name, also now known as FurredBandit, a former Elite Builder, made a Blockate Elite Builder & Former Blockate Elite Builder tier list. It was made in April, 2023, so it may be slightly outdated by now.
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