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Elite Builder: !resetworld.
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What is Elite Builder?[edit source]

Elite Builder is one of the several obtainable ranks in Blockate. It is highly sought after and incredibly difficult to obtain.

Obtaining Elite Builder[edit source]

Elite Builder can be obtained by submitting outstanding Blockate worlds on the the google form designated for featured worlds and Elite Builder.

You can obtain Elite Builder by submitting through this form.

Elite Builders must demonstrate their ability to make consistently amazing builds, while also demonstrating their ability to be a good role-model for the community.

Who is Elite Builder?[edit source]

Because of the amount of Elite Builders changing so often, it is quite hard to keep a list up to date.

The easiest and most reliable way to see who is elite builder is to check out the Blockate group page.

Elite Builder Benefits[edit source]

You gain several things from being Elite Builder, some of which are:

Elite Builder Cube hat (seen below)


Elite Builder Hat (seen below)


Discord image embed

World menu pin


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