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Badges are obtainable achievements in Roblox. Blockate currently has 8 unique badges to acquire. While most of them do nothing, you can make it a goal to achieve them all.

The only true perk to obtaining these badges is that you will receive the “Normal Player Cube” hat in your hats inventory upon receiving the “My First Block” badge.

List of Badges[edit source]

These are the current badges. You can view them under the game's page.

Title Image Requirements
My First Block Place a block.
Popular Have one of your worlds reach 50 unique visits.
Collector Have five different hats in your inventory.
Legendary Obtain a legendary hat from opening any crate.
Marble Rider Roll past 1000 collide-able blocks in a marble.
Big Earner Earn a total of 1k Blux from your world's earnings.
Crafter Craft 5 hats into a crate.
Dedicated Builder Place a total of 1k blocks.

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