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Badges are obtainable achievements in Roblox. Blockate currently has 8 unique badges to acquire, and 1 that has been temporarily or indefinitely removed. While most of them do nothing, you can make it a goal to achieve them all.

List of Badges[edit source]

These are the current badges. You can view them under the game's page.

Title Image Requirements Rewards
My First Block Place a block. Rewards the ”Normal Player Cube” hat in the hats inventory
Popular Have one of your worlds reach 50 unique visits. N/A
Collector Have five different hats in your inventory. N/A
Legendary Obtain a legendary hat from opening any crate. N/A
Marble Rider Roll past 1000 collide-able blocks in a marble. N/A
Big Earner Earn a total of 1k Blux from your world's earnings. N/A
Crafter Craft 5 hats into a crate. N/A
Dedicated Builder Place a total of 1k blocks. N/A
??? No description or information available; badge has been removed since creation. N/A

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