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Note[edit source]

To be fair, you can only add up to two worlds of yours or another person. If there are 3 or more worlds with the same owner, the least popular worlds will be deleted. Please also make sure if the world name is renamed or updated, so make sure to change it or it will be deleted. Besides, you can't add the same world in many different categories or in the same categories many times.

Role-play Worlds[edit source]

Name Owner
Tropical Town 4 UseYaNoodle
Task Islands rft50
Fusion Cube Island toopshii
Beyblade Infinity AronAzure
Fusion Cubed Town toopshii
Jacob City JacobAngelHead
Tom Town LilMissMallow
GigaCity GigaGreenVisor
Real World Simulation elijah649328
Planet Wasteland [1] elijah649328
Plastictown astyDagger22
Downtown Eastland LateBetter547
Meow Playground peppaporcroblox2019
REBEL Luna_Midnights
Paint Your Empire BraddieRBLX
Town of Poly Cierzola

Puzzle Worlds[edit source]

Name Owner
Portal: Blockate Edition fewkz
Gear Obby trewopt
Port-blox NSG_Dozzy
Red 'n Blue kpmaxo
Where's Wally? (New Lobby) Chumpyboy855
game is ____ Hatterned

Showcases[edit source]

Name Owner
Dream World NOR0i
glass playground red4erik
bloxxy's Basement bloxxy30
Display of Blockate Science Specimens friendlydofo
Avenger's: Titan Showcase INE0NI
New World Trade Center SIXFLAGSUS
War Museum of the Attack on Ukraine SIXFLAGSUS
Downtown. Excavvatee
RenTown, Candover RenZone_oo
Seaside City Devl_n
The Later Years Devl_n
Pages from the Past thebutteringot
Oculus HeIlo_Gamers

Strategy and Defense Worlds[edit source]

Name Owner
Card Shuffle BeastnodeGaming
Friendly Fire! Hereto_annex
Age of Civilizations I JonaDaGama
Funny Cardz ToDR(@Funny6665)
Return From Anarchy LantyRBLX
Build a Nation HardRa1d
Rebirth of Technology Daemarian
Wew's Country Game: New Lands wewtyeyffff

Incremental Worlds[edit source]

Name Owner
Tier Click Tntspy
Alpha's Epic Mining Alphium_Soul

Adventure Worlds[edit source]

Name Owner
Earth Quest real_ark
Site74 you73874
Site - 8 jonaC04
Star Seekers Zautius
Star Seekers 2 : The Shattered Stars Zautius
Star Seekers : Elements Dreggsome
Star Quest RyansNutella
The Mysterious World xTriton
A 2.5D Adventure SamuelCain
Adventure Savior: "Orbs Galore" ThunderExtremes_2
Electric Savior [Difficult] Saturnius
Quest for the Light Shards babyneedgopoopoop
Find the Cubes NoahVN
Quest For Nothing Its_KoolBro
Universal Labs FriedBlock
Find the Cubes NoahVN
Oof Adventure (100 VISITS!) mn2323
Fishing Adventure PotatoGaming200
In the Times Past Alphium_Soul
Noob Adventure PokemonMiitopia22067
Poke's Version of Color Collector R PokemonMiitopia22067
Poke's Adventure of Hell PokemonMiitopia22067
Orb Hunters [1, 2, 3] louieriver
Time Lost INE0NI
Potion Simulator BugBoi_Official
Legend's Adventure ggf999
Site-22 Felixbui
Power's Path: The Sequel Poweringusernoob
Blockate Galaxy BugBoi_Official
Puzzle Quest dinew30
Elemental Savior Reboot: "The Corrupted King" PokemonMiitopia22067
Elemental Savior: "Legendary Gems" [Legacy] PokemonMiitopia22067
The QUEST for COLOR (UNFINISHED) jmoore_111
Constellation Creators Iconic_Name

Horror Worlds[edit source]

Name Owner
Escape (Horror Game) Saturnius
Horror.. FriedBlock
Don't... Leave... Ex_Gon
The Scary Forest King_Swagger28
Garden (Alpha) chica806
Factory TTruffled
Listener Justin31sar
SCP Site-22 HardRa1d
They Lurk - Act 1 Georgexiety

FPS Worlds[edit source]

Name Owner
Plastic Tower SamuelCain
Battle for the Desert Rory112233
Dystopia RenZone_oo

Simulator Worlds[edit source]

Name Owner
Game Simulator ArtyomAL3X
Pet Simulator 3 King_Swagger28
Ore Simulator DarkieDevWasTaken
Beekeeper Simulator Tyrkys258
Jumping Simulator CatBloxGames

Building Worlds[edit source]

Name Owner
Build Land flowey297
Blox Approah ArtyomAL3X
Build A City domaas
Super BLOX Maker! Bart_TheSenpai
Ro-Ate 2 kpmaxo
Sanctum Creature_models

Racing Worlds[edit source]

Name Owner
Roller Chair Racing [Dusty Dunes] joshuaHD06
PROJECT: Block Racing weege_boi
Jogging Racing WereMarioBros
Car Madness Redd_y2

Obby/Parkour Worlds:[edit source]

Name Owner
Mirror Mania friendlydofo
Obby Dimensions O_OIdonotknow
The Impossible Obstacles Subsical
The Epic Troll Obby Kelakotana
Stage Progressions xXliamboss2Xx
Exploder's Obby Bonanza Greatexploderreturns
Obby Mania King_Swagger28
Obby Calamity louieriver
The Heck Tower hlidlhiaidh
Super Parkour! Ultimate ggf999
Duo Teamwork Obby Whoknows_87
Giggy's Towers of Despair Giggyismyfriend
Great Citadel of Difficulty Chart Ysmael7812the4th
OTTER’s Towers of Hecc VictoriousRender
World of Obstacles JaviAndFriends
Ghost in the Machine Hatterned

"Don't Touch" Worlds[edit source]

Name Owner
Hey! Don't touch my block! mlgwascool
[WIP] Do not touch the chill block! AidanTES
Don't Touch Timmy Shane2008
Don't Touch The Water Version 15.2 Trafficboy05
PK: Reconstruction eeflord
Every 'don't touch the' game ever TTruffled
Don't Kill The Blocks! V3Iocity
Don't Touch The Macaron Act1veP0TAT0
Don't Touch Anything! Blox_lt
Don't Touch the Potato! frostoperetta

PVP Worlds[edit source]

Name Owner
Sword Fighting FFA 0alk
D-Day Fightking04
Truffle Fight! TTruffled

Hosted RPG Worlds[edit source]

Name Owner
Eternal Adventures superpelu28
Eternal Adventures II minimonsta2

____ For Blux Games[edit source]

Name Owner
Obbies For Blux! lukelukelion
Obbies For Blux! samnacha
obby for blux LTUDovydas
Push a Ball for Blux Tristan201136
Obby for blux! Alen_Rubin
Obbies for blux! NewMagicson800
Push a Ball for Blux Tristan201136
Obbies for blux TheFallen_God
Obbies for 10K Rqa0
oby for 3500 B$ Smidger123Backup

Automatic Worlds[edit source]

Name Owner
Automatic Simon Says RocketRules1
Automatic Sword Fighting DbExpress
Tom's Automatic Minigames Tomi1231
Streak! NastyDagger22
Blockr International tonykakko82

Pokemon Worlds[edit source]

Name Owner
Pokemon Balance minimonsta2
Find the Pokemon minimonsta2
Pokemon Water & Ice XENIXXeno
Pokemon Garnet regibrawl
Blockemon Fursado
Pokemon Golden Blue Alexisgoodgamez
Pumpkin's Pokemon World 1OXxPumpkinxXO1

Prison Worlds[edit source]

Name Owner
Prison Time TheChatterCube
Project: Illegal BinZoiippp
Prison RocketRules1

Story Worlds[edit source]

Name Owner
Persona Boss Battles 3: Greatest Vacancy MenuriWasntHere

Other[edit source]

Name Owner
Blockate front page games in a nutshell AidanTESf
Stick Empires: Pioneers of War Pokeflames05
Cube Climbers RyansNutella
potato salad N00byplayer
Survival 404 TomCharman
Block Ops Tntspy
cramped box LeHtoo
Scooter Playground Subsical
Explore The Code minecraftthemurderur
Obstacle Craziness! DaMadnessIsBack
Island Craft ReverseBuilder
Ruined Base - Finale? SquirtleReal
Block Minigames NSG_Dozzy
The Quiz louieriver
The Blockate Talk Show! The_AmazingNewbie
The glitch zone The_AmazingNewbie
Lost tonykakko82
joey's non copyright journey Steve62107
Coke Army GuineaLover27
Quarrylands runbeast
Blockate Survivors Chaan2020

Find the ______ games[edit source]

Name Owner
Find the Timmys! - 121 Thegr8warioALT
Find the Chonks FireyFlameBFDI
find the slobs³ Nattapong10012
Find The Knives 1 DeeryBren2