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The New World Trade Center
File:New World Trade Center - Thumbnail.png
Panorama of the New World Trade Center and the Finance Center buildings
ID 2473615750
Earnings +810
Unique Visits +390
Blocks +304K
Max Players 48

Overview[edit | edit source]

The New World Trade Center (abbreviated, New WTC) is a large showcase world made by SIXFLAGSUS around 2019 using the real-life representation of the New World Trade Center complex along with the World Financial Center complex built next to it. The World is known for it's humongous recreated real life buildings situated in Battery Park City, Manhattan, NYC. It is also known to be the largest showcase genre world made by a single person. On June 1st, 2021, the game was for the first time visited by staff members. On September 11th, 2021, the the game hosted the Memorial Day event commemorating the 20th anniverseray since 9/11 event.

File:Memorial Day Blockate 2021.png
2,3 and 4 WTC during the Memorial Day.

List of Buildings[edit | edit source]

This is a list of all the buildings mentioned in this world:

The list also includes buildings of the World Finance Center complex such as:

History[edit | edit source]

First phase (January 2019 - February 2019)[edit | edit source]

The world started out in the making around January 2019 with it's first part, One World Trade Center completed. During January, The New World Trade Center world received the first four main skyscrapers, Ground Zero, the 9/11 Museum and a transportation hub along with a group of trees around the Ground Zero.

Due to the incredible amount of blocks added, the world had around more than 160K blocks by the time the first phase of the construction was made (likely February 2019).

Second phase (May 2019 - July 2019)[edit | edit source]

The second phase of the construction focused on expanding the area from spawn by adding two one-lane roads after which were followed by the construction of the World Financial Center buildings. On May 6th, 2019, SIXFLAGSUS's New World Trade Center world reached 200K blocks during the second phase to which he planted a sign block indicating the date he accomplished the milestone along with 225K and 250K blocks from which were also achieved later.

The second phase of construction was finished in summer of 2019 from which the project would be left abandoned with around 259K blocks as it's last block count.

Third phase (April 2022 - present)[edit | edit source]

File:World Financial Center in April 2022 (Blockate).png
World Financial Center in April 2022

On April 11th, 2022, SIXFLAGSUS posted an article discussing the future of the New World Trade Center world and his official plan to add new features in the world to reflect on the real life.[1] On April 12th, 2022, The New World Trade Center world reached 275,000 blocks thus creating the first milestone in more than two years. On the same day, the construction of the One World Financial Center began with SIXFLAGSUS confirming it as the first feature of the new major update that the game will receive.[2]

On April 13th, 2022, the New World Trade Center world had reached over 300,000 blocks making it one of the few worlds to do so. The day after, on April 14th, 2022, the One World Financial Center building was finished with the block count in the game at 304K by the time of the completion.[3]

Revisits[edit | edit source]

SIXFLAGSUS rarely revisited his own world to check it's status. However due to his incredible skills of architecture without the help of an another blockate person, his world was never vandalized or invaded which is a big advantage to trust security and building skills. On June 1st, 2021 he revisited the world to which he took a panorama image including his remake of WTC and WFC buildings built in 2019. During the revisits, the 9/11 Memorial museum was revamped.

On September 2021, SIXFLAGSUS revisited the game again by hosting the memorial day event until going off again until April 2022 when he began working on the game's new major update.

Administrators visit the game[edit | edit source]

On June 1st, 2021, the New World Trade Center game was visited for the first time by staff members of the Blockate community. CrowCalled was the first one to visit the game and after that, Subsical visited the game but unfortunately declined the Elite Builders membership for SIXFLAGSUS. During June 1st, 4 people were banned for offensive slurs on the 9/11 event in the game. Before the staff members visited, SIXFLAGSUS and his friends were experimenting with gear shop in the game to which his earnings increased from 500 to 1.3K.

Memorial Day 2021[edit | edit source]

File:Golden World Trade Center statue.png
Golden World Trade Center statue

Following the 20th year anniverseray of 9/11, SIXFLAGSUS decorated the map with some special features. On September 11th, the Memorial Day event began with a speech about 9/11 victims and tragedy. The first user to received the First Memorial Day Honor Award was Duk. Few days later, the second user to receive it was EdSPCH on September 17th, 2021. Soon after, the cleanup of the map began with some features left to remain.

Disciplinary measures[edit | edit source]

SIXFLAGSUS has stated in a April 2022 post that he takes very serious disciplinary measures against players who choose to jerk off in the game.[4] So far, around eight people have been banned from the game as of April 12th, 2022. The game also has a zero tolerance policy on offensive jokes.

Bans[edit | edit source]

Around 2019, the first person to be banned was MADRID_TH, who said a offensive joke about 9/11. 2 years later on June 1st, 2021, four people were banned for saying offensive jokes about the 9/11 event. Another person was soon banned on September 10th, 2021. These bans have been listed in the ban log located inside the World Finance Center complex.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In SIXFLAGSUS's Robloxity roleplay world, there is a small model of One World Trade Center actually built. Some remember that there are few more models of the One World Trade Center built on whatever game he could play and build when given permission to do so but they are currently lost as of 2021.
  • The game contains architectural information about each building included and not included.
  • The game actually has a One World Observatory (opened on May 29th, 2015) from which players can see the WTC and WFC skyscrapers.
  • Inside one of the WFC buildings is a list of well known people (according to SIXFLAGSUS) who played his game and about six of them played it.
  • Four staff members visited the game.
  • You cannot jump and you walk little slower in the game. This is to make the game experience more realistic with the required real life elements.
  • The game is strictly paying tribute to 9/11 attacks and does not tolerate any offensive statement about it.
  • The 200 Liberty Street/One World Financial Center had a empty interior with a empty roofing inside since 2019 until it was finished in June 2021 and now serves as a basic museum about the game's history.
  • New World Trade Center game had at most 1.3K blux from earnings before they were collected.
  • Following the 9/11 Memorial in 2021, a Golden Statue of World Trade Center was built to commemorate the 20th anniverseray. Soon the whole game was decorated to pay tribute to 9/11 Memorial for a whole week until reverting back to normal. However, most of the venues have been kept.

References[edit | edit source]