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Overview[edit source]

Find worlds are a genre of worlds where you have to collect a certain amount of items, usually with different names and colors, then move on to the next area and then collect everything in that area and then move on and so on and so forth. These worlds are basically just collectathons. Some find worlds only have one large open-world area, which usually has obbies and secret areas where items are hidden.

Origin[edit source]

Back then, "Find the ____" games on Roblox such as Find the Kirby's, Find the Dancing Apples and Find the Domos were pretty popular, so this trend may have originated from there.

Writer's Thoughts[edit source]

These games are REALLY easy to cheat. In some games you can wall climb on to the top of the map, then corner glitch or jump into the latest area created in the game. No finding required.

Trivia[edit source]

  • The original game on roblox was originated from 2015/2014.

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