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Origin[edit source]

The "Don't Touch The ____" trend was started by user mlgwascool.

In these worlds, there is an object that by name, you're not meant to touch/walk into.

Originally, the "option menu" was not meant to come up until a certain amount of events, but somebody later changed this to when you touch it.

This is one of the biggest trends known in Blockate.

Players' Thoughts[edit source]

The trend is hated, since they get onto the front page in around 5 to 10 minutes. It takes about 3 minutes to complete an entire section. Each chapter is reused, with the same sad, angry and scared block. They are as hated as free builds, and usually have an abusive owner.

Gameplay[edit source]

The gameplay of these games are quite simple and repetitive. There are 2 types of gameplay.

Type Gameplay
Shop There is a currency that is hidden around the section, go to the shop and purchase the item required for something.
Collectathon There are items around the section, you must collect them. Most of the time they are off of the platform that you are on.

Gallery[edit source]

Trivia[edit source]

  • The original game that inspired mlgwascool was a world called "Don't Touch the Button!"
  • JasperPlaysRobloxYT popularized the trend.
  • The most common object in these games is a block.
  • This trend is almost as popular as freebuilds.
  • "Hey! Don't Touch My Block!", the original world, only has 3k visits.

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