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Blockate has many images that mean something, but there is too little info to give them their own pages, this page's purpose is to group them all together!

Default World Thumbnails[edit source]

Every world has a default thumbnail which changes depending on how many blocks the world has. You can change from the default thumbnail with !thumbnail [id].

Island[edit source]

If a world has 999 blocks or less, the default thumbnail is the starting island you would see if you made a new world or used the command !resetworld

Tower[edit source]

If a world has between 1,000 and 4,999 blocks, the default thumbnail is a stone tower built on the starting island.

Village[edit source]

If a world has between 5,000 and 24,999 blocks, the default thumbnail is a village built on an island bigger than the starting island.

Space[edit source]

If a world has 25,000 blocks or more, the default thumbnail is a scene in space with a model of the Earth with a rocket nearby.

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Blockate Game Icons[edit source]

Blockate has had many game icons for different occasions, like a lineate thumbnail for the Lineate.

Starter Worlds[edit source]

In the current version of Blockate, these are the only starting worlds. They all have the theme of a floating island with plenty of potential to expand into a great game.

Default Starter World[edit source]

The most commonly seen starter world has green grass and brown dirt below. It is in the theme of a sky island and other world templates are based around it.

Group Starter World[edit source]

When you join the Blockate fan group, the "create new world button" allows you to create a new world for free. The world has grey grass and a different text on the sign.

Tutorial World[edit source]

You load into this world when you press the Tutorial button on the games screen. It is similar to the normal starter world but contains purple ground & corner blocks. It is not saved to your worlds. The bottom of the world is the same material & colour as the top & extends down like a cylinder instead of an inverted dome.

(Tutorial worlds no longer accessible)

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Blockate Hub[edit source]

The Blockate Hub is the starting place in Blockate. Players are sent here when they try to join Blockate. The world GUI is pre-open, and players choose a world to join. The GUI can be closed, and players can see the hub. The Blockate Hub used to look like an island, similar to the Blockate Starter Island. It has 378 blocks.

Now the hub rotates from worlds made by the community.

The Old Blockate Hub.

Features[edit source]

The features in the hub can be seen by closing the world menu.

Sign[edit source]

There is a sign near the spawnpoint that looks similar to the one found in a new world. It is a red concrete sign that says, "Welcome to the hub! Press C to join a Blockate World."

World Roulette[edit source]

The world roulette is a large metal room connected to the main island. Every 30 seconds, players inside the room are transported to a random Blockate world.

Neon Ball[edit source]

Since October 14th, 2018, hub servers start with a neon ball on the spawnpoint. The ball does not respawn. It was left over by fewkz when he was testing to find the density of it.

Ball Dispenser[edit source]

The Ball Dispenser is a small machine that dispenses balls with faces on them, it costs 25 robux and you get a pet ball! A robloxian named Pug_craftia (The writer) Named the balls "Richards", and he would like Fewks to officially name them "Richard".

History[edit source]

  • The hub has been around since Blockate Beta.
  • The text on the sign was changed when the world GUI was updated.
  • World roulette was added in July 8th, 2018.
  • The smoke block was mysteriously added to the hub in September, 2018. It showcased effects before they were added.

Trivia[edit source]

  • Sometimes Fewkz builds and hosts events/minigames in the hub.
  • People like to wall-climb onto the world roulette.
  • Fewkz can build in the hub.
  • The hub has no earning nor visits.

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