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This page lists all the social media sites that Blockate has, such as twitter, the Roblox group and even its own website!

Roblox Group[edit source]

Blockate has its own Roblox group that can be found here. The group has 77K+ members as of March 1, 2023.

Twitter[edit source]

Blockate has an official Twitter account for officially announcing updates to the game.

Discord[edit source]

The Blockate community has a discord server found here. The Blockate Discord server does not allow for ban appeals.

Website[edit source]

The Blockate website allows you see the current active worlds & featured worlds and join them, see the full list of commands, see some Blockate statistics (total blocks, worlds, etc), and lets you search for worlds. It also lets you join a specific world directly from a link using the format[WORLD ID].

Trivia[edit source]

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