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Also known as Redpanda, Panda, Red, etc.
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Overview[edit source]

Redpanda1pro is a previously incredibly popular blockate player who accquired tons of controversy surrounded several incidents.

He inevitably ended up banned from Blockate, and later terminated from roblox; despite this, his Blockate ban has supposedly since expired.

His ban supposedly prompted the creation of rule 8, the “no scamming players out of blux” rule, for which he is most famous for.

Worlds Created[edit source]

Redpanda1pro created many worlds, most of which were trend following games. The most notable ones (and the only ones worth mentioning) are:

  • Quest to cancel Redpanda

Quest to cancel Redpanda is an important world to mention due to the fact that it was redpanda1pro’s most ambitious project.

Forever RPG is important due to the fact that many notable people with the Elite Builder rank were supposedly blackmailed by redpanda1pro into making the game.

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