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This page is about types of users, do not add anyone here. This is not a list of users.

Type Description
Normal User They do nothing harmful, they just enjoy making worlds and joining others.
Z Nac Fan They are the people that are young and keep trends going, only worse.
Popular World Owner They are users that start trends, make worlds with over 1000 visits, or just own a world that is known.
Exploiter These users are hated for Exploiting/Griefing or basically ruining the World's.
Egoistic These are users that make themselves something special in a world, and wants popularity.
Elite Builder They are users that have been given elite builder.
Collector People who collect's rare or expensive hats in Blockate.
Underaged They are users that own a free build, don't touch world, or any trend that is popular.
Toxic These users abuse ban and hub command, and get mad if they don't win anything hosted or automated.
Youtuber These users have low sub counts, but are known to the community.
Staff Member These are players that are a part of the Blockate staff.
World Critic They are players that join a world, and give a rating. They tend to stay for 3-4 minutes.
Host These are players that have a group for hosting their worlds at all times.
Troll They are players that join free builds or any worlds they can get perms in, and destroy it.
Furry They are people that use anthropomorphic animals as avatars, usually hated for their other sides.
Manipulative Abuses their admins by underpaying them and getting them to stay in the game as long as possible. Overall a mean person.

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