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Also known as GadgetStinkz
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Overview[edit source]

Gadget, also known as gadgetstinkz is a Blockate player that is known for formerly making bypassed worlds and making the Roblox group "RAFB"[1].

RAFB Info[edit source]

"RAFB", which is also known as "ReallyAwesomeFunBlockate" is a group allegedly created in August 2020.

Influence[edit source]

Gadget has spawned a swarm of people to start making bypass games. Most notably reN made an announcement that states "guys if you see an innappropriate world please don't join it and just report it here.. if the world gets more players it gets boosted up the front page and more kids will see it .." Referring to the swarm of bypass games which were allegedly botted by RAFB to be boosted to the front page. Gadget has also spawned a swarm of controversy which has to do with him possessing "cheddar pieces," this is unconfirmed.

References[edit source]

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