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Supporters of SIXFLAGSUS
Supporters of SIXFLAGSUS's avatar
Also known as *SIXFLAGSUS stans
  • Sixflagstannies
  • Fans of SIXFLAGSUS
  • Trolls
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Joined Blockate Around 2022

Supporters of SIXFLAGSUS, also known as SIXFLAGSUS stans or Sixflagstannies, are a group of trolls who are voicing their support for the Blockate and Roblox user, SIXFLAGSUS. SIXFLAGSUS joined Blockate back in September 2018 and is known for his showcase worlds and his sometimes journalism on some occasions. Posts made by SIXFLAGSUS stans mostly talk about the user himself and the games in Blockate such as the New World Trade Center and Sarajevo.

This has also led to a simultaneous event in the community which is regarded to be praising the user, SIXFLAGSUS, though it has raised concern by the user himself and damaged the Blockate wiki.[1]

Coinage[edit | edit source]

The term SIXFLAGSUS stans was coined by user Pyrotical in the first SIXFLAGSUS stan post, while the term Sixflagstannies was coined by user RenZone who announced his departure from Morbius to becoming one of the "disciples of SIXFLAGSUS".[2]

History[edit | edit source]

Some of the SIXFLAGSUS stans have claimed that they've begun to voice support for SIXFLAGSUS back in April 2022 in regards to the closure of the controversial Blockate world about the war in Ukraine which is a museum dedicated to it. Having been closed to please the standards of the user Koyrinu, SIXFLAGSUS stans have begun criticizing and targeting not just Koyrinu but the other admins for their failure to appease the Blockate community itself.

The SIXFLAGSUS stans began appearing around June 2022 after a post by user named Pyrotical surfaced in the discussion board with the flag of SIXFLAGSUS stans.[3] The first user to post his opinion on the SIXFLAGSUS stans was Truffled on June 3rd, 2022, a day after the first SIXFLAGSUS stan post.

Regarded as trolling behavior[edit | edit source]

The Blockate community has concluded that SIXFLAGSUS stans are purposefully trolling by supporting SIXFLAGSUS. Users have spotted that the SIXFLAGSUS stans also tend to focus on criticizing other players for their unoriginal games on Blockate that they make just for money as well as disregard the administrators of the Blockate community as "corrupted" and "incompetent".

SIXFLAGSUS (real user) has stated that these accounts are made by one person considering the same avatar and same content they make,[4] though he is being targeted as the chosen one by the stans.

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