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Summer Event 2023
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Date June 21st, 2023 - August 5th, 2023
    *8 new limited time hats were added to Blockate inside a temporary new hub and 7 user-submitted worlds.
Worlds Involved
Users Involved

Overview[edit source]

The 2023 Blockate Summer event, hosted by Kirsheye, Spookities, and Tylander66, was announced inside the Blockate Discord by Kirsheye on May 1st, and the event released on June 21st, which was the summer solstice. For the summer event, worlds were created by the Blockate community and submitted through a form to the hosts.
They chose 6 worlds:

  • Shark Hunt by TheLoonyCrazy
  • Cocoa Springs Mountain by JustWithout_friends
  • 7000 Feet Below by Blozorn
  • Cold Carnage by Hivycomb
  • Tropical Endeavour by juancamilo123
  • Summer Shimmy by Bluranged
  • Treasure Hunt by Busybeesgo_buzz.

Along with the 6 worlds, a hub was released named Luscious Shores. It had 2 hats, instead of the usual 1.

Hats[edit source]

There was a total of 8 hats in the event, made by Tylander66, Legend_oom, and Yal_f.

Pirate Hat[edit source]

  • Obtained in Luscious Shores.

Ghost Ship[edit source]

  • Obtained in Luscious Shores, through obtaining all relics.

Mango Smoothie[edit source]

  • Obtained in Shark Hunt.

Traveller's Backpack[edit source]

  • Obtained in Cocoa Springs Mountain.

Scuba Diver Helmet[edit source]

  • Obtained in 7000 Feet Below.

The Refrigerator[edit source]

  • Obtained in Cold Carnage.

Tropical Souvenir[edit source]

  • Obtained in Tropical Endeavour.

Sunset Smoothie[edit source]

  • Obtained in Summer Shimmy.

Bag o' Gold[edit source]

  • Obtained in Treasure Hunt.

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