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Summer Crash of 2021
File:RobloxScreenShot20210602 081459331.png
Screenshot of a glitched menu
Date June 2nd, 2021
    Hub was broken, joining worlds was disabled
Worlds Involved
Users Involved

Blockate's Summer Crash of 2021 occurred on June 2nd, 2021 at 7:14 (UTC), when Blockate's servers glitched preventing people at the hub from joining other worlds and their own worlds. Being widely reported and shared across the community, it is the first glitch to be officially documented on the wiki. The glitch lasted four hours and caused a major shift on the servers and players which also resulted in Blockate's discord channel #media getting raided with screenshots from the game during the crash.

Timeline[edit source]

Hub chaos[edit source]

At 7:14 AM (UTC), Blockate's servers began experiencing GUI issues when the hubs refused to load active worlds, featured worlds as well as searched worlds. Their GUI's also refused to show their own worlds. It is unknown what caused the GUI to crash suddenly as of now.

During the first hour, chaos erupted in a server where people trolled marble ball riders to which it caused build-up tensions and toxicity. Some people have said that their worlds were deleted and attempted to make new ones while being warned that it could corrupt their data and steal their blux. The game had around 96 people at that time.

During the second hour, the servers were little calm with new comers still being worried about the crash and have been requesting staff members to come. The number of people went back up by a little while still below average but decreased back to 78 in the second hour.

Campaigns[edit source]

A conversation was held on Discord to which Crow suggested players to leave Blockate for the game to update. In the game, a speech was held to encourage players to leave the game so moderators could fix it. Later, VibeNoob began spamming the chat messages forcing people to leave the game to which 12T0T21 proceeded to do the same thing but was later attacked for it. Despite the attempts to make people leave, the number of players retained between 90 - 99.

During the third hour, another server had a group of marbles set for a screenshot, then after which the chaos erupted again with marbles falling down. SIXFLAGSUS on discord proposed a celebration of the International Blockate Player's Day to commemorate the event of June 2nd. Players soon began moving to Blockate Mechanisms game. Meanwhile, Magical_Rock took two screenshots with CrowCalled and posted them to discord.

Last hour[edit source]

During the fourth hour, a satire petition was created which encouraged players to sign to celebrate the International Blockate Player's Day for June 2nd. So far, 1 person has only signed it. LionHeartStories, who was toxic in the 1st hour got into a arguement again and caused a another build-up conflict in the chat system which also can be recognized as counter bullying like in the 1st hour. Minutes before the glitch was fixed, the player count decreased to 77 players making it the lowest ever documented.

Aftermath[edit source]

On 11:18 (UTC), when the glitch was officially fixed, many players shared happiness in the chat while Blockate's discord experienced a false ip grabber incident during that time. VineNoob was falsely accused for an ip grabbing link to which it nearly got him banned but later claimed that it wasn't ip grabber.

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