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Blockate Discord Server Deletion
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Date May 5th, 2020 - May 7th, 2020
    *Fewkz temporarily leaving the community
    • Blockate being privated to group members only
    • Discord server being deleted
    • No large updates for 5 months
Worlds Involved
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On May 6th, 2020, the Blockate Discord server was deleted and Fewkz had left the community.

It all started on May 5th, 2020. Someone on the imageboard "4chan" posted a thread, preparing a raid on Blockate. The raid was planned to start at around 6:20 pm EST. Leostickluke was browsing 4chan and noticed the Blockate raid post. He proceeded to inform the Blockate Discord server about it. People quickly started asking him about the post, and if this all was real or not. One of them was kpmaxo. When he got the link from Leostickluke, he did his part, and posted a screenshot on the same channel, telling the moderators to be wary. As some people started getting more serious about this topic (on Discord only), Setherdo22 asked Leostickluke for the link of the post. While people started talking about the situation in #general, Setherdo22 was finding information about the raid, and showing the archived posts to other users. Soon, another post about Blockate raid was uploaded, and Setherdo22 had realized that the raid was about to start in 20 minutes. The situation on the Discord got out of hand.

Leostickluke joins Blockate, warning people about the situation. A random throwaway account started spamming the chat with strong language and racist texts. So far, that was the only raider joining Blockate servers, but Fewkz soon deleted the Blockate Discord server and privated Blockate. About 2 hours later, an announcement on the Blockate wiki was made: Fewkz had left the Blockate community. The next day, things only got worse for the playerbase, and many Fewkz memorials had been created. An announcement was made, preparing everyone for an upcoming update.


Due to the 4chan raid, Fewkz temporarily left blockate for a long period of time & deleted the discord server. The game was also privated to group members only. The only update for a long period of time was the ability to transfer worlds to Roblox Studio.

New Discord Server[edit]

After a long while, a new discord server was created.

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