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This is a world page, it is about user generated content and may not be fully accurate.

World Title
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Creator Tyrkys258
ID 6227346774
Earnings 0
Unique Visits ???
Blocks 88K+
Max Players 48

Overview[edit | edit source]

RoPlay is a Blockate World made by Tyrkys258. This is a Roblox in Roblox game. According to the world's tutorial, the game currently hosts over 200 accounts. This game is hugely inspired by Robox by Mythomas_izEdward2.

Games[edit | edit source]

In order to build games in RoPlay, you need to have atleast God Premium, as it gives out Builder Perm. There are currently 3 featured games in RoPlay, which are:

  • Escape Room
  • Project: Portal
  • Woozy Hub

Premium[edit | edit source]

Premium is a RoPlay feature which allows users to gain many special abilities including Builder Perm, Shirt and Accessory Making, etc. There are 7 levels of Premium:

  • Basic Premium - 500 Blux
  • Ultra Premium 3000 Blux
  • God Premium - 6500 Blux
  • Crystal Premium - 10000 Blux
  • Overlord Premium - 40000 Blux
  • Twilight Premium - 100000 Blux
  • Outrageous Premium - 250000 Blux

Celebrities[edit | edit source]

This is the list of RoPlay's most famous players.

  • Danya - First ever RoPlay Mod. Also owner of a never released game titled "What".
  • ToxidraPlayz - A Moderator that is also the first person to earn the "YouTuber" tag. His YouTube channel is Toxidra Playz.
  • Rich - RoPlay's Richest Player for a long time, before being beaten by Lazy_Gamer.
  • Bones - RoPlay Creator's Alternative Account.
  • Lazy_Gamer - RoPlay's current Richest Player. He is also owner of Project: Portal and The Good Game's program.
  • WoozyAlchemist - The first ever RoPlay UGC Creator.

Credits[edit | edit source]

Tyrkys258 - Owner Marioandluigi200000 - Co-owner