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Quarrylands: !resetworld.
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Creator runbeast
ID 8114983336
Earnings 638
Unique Visits 138
Blocks 99,104
Max Players 20

Overview[edit | edit source]

Quarrylands is basically an cube game. You go to construction office, ask for a plot. Then go to quarry and get ores and bring them to the plot. After doing that you say !sell you get money, you buy mp (mining pass) unlock more rarer ores and sell them buy upgrades and over and over again. Overall the game looks good, it requires staff so that means the game is never gonna be featured. That's all -WievoBlox

History[edit | edit source]

Alpha Islands we're a thing from the beggining of the game, as of June 24th 2022 it's just an honor, The following image of alpha island:

(Ik not alot of history but idk what to put here -WievoBlox)

Credits[edit | edit source]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Deep jungle mountain was made by Co Creator.
  • First island was Rocky Islands, basically it was alpha players island.

Ores[edit | edit source]

Quarry:[edit | edit source]

  • Sandstone - 5 Money
  • Limestone - 3 Money
  • Slate - 1 Money

Old Mine:[edit | edit source]

  • Silver - 800 Money
  • Citrine - 500 Money
  • Turqoise - 400 Money
  • Tiger's Eye - 250 Money
  • Crysocolla - 100 Money
  • Cobalt - 80 Money
  • Tungston - 50 Money
  • Nickel - 33 Money
  • Limonite - 25 Money
  • Iron - 15 Money
  • Magnesium - 8 Money
  • Copper - 7 Money