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Hurricane Tracker (Blockate Edition): !resetworld.
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Hurricane Tracker (Blockate Edition) is a game made by NectarUser (@Bibibuzina) and it has 200+ Visits, the game is very simple and all you have to do is to track hurricanes and alert some cities that will be impacted by the hurricane. The year when it starts is set to the year of 1977, and hurricanes can go from a Tropical Disturbance to a Hypercane, because for it to be realistic at the start and make it go unrealistic at the final. After you leave the Team Choosing Area, you will teleport to the World map with some cities and a settlement in antartica. Which yet, exists. There is a Incompleted version of the International Hurricane Locators (I.H.L) with a World map indicating Radars and a Workplace with 2 wierd computers, while the rest is on World Maps (without any use) and some chairs with one even saying "9,900th Block" probably indicating the 9,900th placed block in the world Trivia This game is actually Fanmade by another Roblox Game called: Hurricane Tracker Reborn There is an unfinished remastered version created by the same User There are 2 other fanmade games of the game, one owned by LiteralDude (@FiriPxnda) and Brom (@Brom_alt3) which both are NectarUser (@Bibibuzina)'s friends This game is the first Blockate game to ever be fanmade by an game that was'nt even used