World:Builder Boy's Adventure For No Bedtime

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Builder Boy's Adventure For No Bedtime
File:Builder Boy.png
Creator 007FunGuy
ID 2808637657
Earnings 107
Unique Visits 2,383
Blocks 52,276
Max Players 48

Overview[edit | edit source]

Builder Boy's Adventure For No Bedtime is an obby platformer world created by 007FunGuy. It follows the quest of Builder Boy, Builderman's son as he tries to make bedtime stop happening by killing the moon.

History[edit | edit source]

This world was part of the 2019 Blockate Halloween Event, it housed the Ruby Geode hat.

It was originally meant to be 007FunGuy on a quest, but mlgwascool suggested that it should be Builder Boy as it was self-insertion.

Credits[edit | edit source]