World:Bloxxy Corp Stairs

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Bloxxy Corp Stairs
File:Bloxxy Corp Stairs - Thumbnail.png
Creator bloxxy30
ID 1458646055
Earnings 318
Unique Visits 3380
Blocks 150,761
Max Players 30

Overview[edit | edit source]

Bloxxy Corp Stairs is a world in Blockate where you climb up a super tall staircase. it was created by bloxxy30 back in Blocklr but has been remade in Blockate because Blocklr got banned. Bloxxy Corp Stairs is no ordinary staircase, it is a logic-defying staircase with nothing keeping it from falling over. Bloxxy Corp Stairs is also filled with references from games and other stuff. It also has a very nice spawn area full of easter eggs and buildings. On the staircase, there are segments, segments are basically small things you can explore on the staircase, sometimes they can be big like a big space ship, or small like a small boat.

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