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Blockate's Longest, Working Elevator
Tower logo
Creator Creator (gravitycoil828)
ID 9574313241
Earnings 10.5k
Unique Visits At time of writing, 2,281
Blocks 150 to 200k
Max Players 80 at max, 30 players documented playing though

Overview[edit | edit source]

Blockate's Longest, Working Elevator is a Blockate world created in June of 2022, and has garnered more then 2000 visits. The premise of the game is that you either

  1. Go up the massive elevator in the building, named "Elevator"
  2. Take the stairs, which may take a bit
  3. Sign in to a business registered in the building

Nice choices, right? Doubt so. It's absolutely great!

Once riding up the elevator you get to Floor 262, the top floor of the building where you can either go up the stairs, or climb the antenna and see the top of Blockate. If you fall though..

History[edit | edit source]

The world first started in June of 2022, where Gravity saw a game on front page named "Chill Elevator", where you'd sit in a elevator. Then 2 ideas sparked in his head:

  1. He could make a game about being late to work, having to climb up the elevator, and then finding out that it was a false call
  2. He could make a game about having to go to the bathroom but it was all the way at Floor 1.

He went with idea 1, because it sounded better, but over time the idea was scrapped and the goal was just to get to the top of the elevator.

If you get to the top, there's a remnant of Idea 1!

Over time it transformed into what it is today, from the small bathroom becoming a stair shaft, THE FLOOR being made instead of a glue trap, and all of that.

Tower 2 and 3[edit | edit source]

There was a now scrapped Tower 2 that was in production, and a imagined Tower 3, named Cube and Ball Tower respectively. They were scrapped because of the world's Block Count.

To be considered?[edit | edit source]

A second lift in Tower 1? Maybe not.

Better line timing

The now scrapped building 2 of Block Tower, in its early stages

Credits[edit | edit source]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • While Tower 2 and 3 were scrapped, there is planned to be a Flower Garden in its place!
  • Floor 4 used to be the We Sell Machines HQ, and this used to be the We Sell Machines HQ in general!
  • Floor 3 was a recording studio!
  • Floor 2 used to be a computer shop!
  • You don't want to find out about Floor BaseStructure HELP GRAVITY DRAGGEQ4PQ34;34259U MUJ`24H23YH4
Old thumbnail with WE SELL MACHINES HQ branding
Old thumbnail with WE SELL MACHINES HQ branding