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Here are some suggestions for new commands and features that could be added to Blockate. You can also view commands or features that have been released here.

Suggested Commands[edit source]

Technical[edit source]

  • !statworld (id) (stat) (amount) - This command use for connecting worlds together, when you have enough amount of this kind of stat in a world, you can open the door or something in other world that has the id.
  • !stat give (statname) (player) (amount) - Gives a player that stat
  • !stat remove (statname) (player) (amount) - Removes the player's stat
  • !stat reset (statname) (player) - Reset's the players stat
  • !stat increase (time) (stat) - Increases stat in amount of time without touching anything. Useful for Tower Defense and FNaF games.
  • !stattrans (world ID) - (Owner) Transports the stat data from a owner's game to another. Only works on his/her worlds. Very handy.
  • !button - Makes Button That Adds/Removes Blocks On Click.
  • !custombutton [image/textbutton] [shop/menu/players] - Makes a custom button in the UI which can go to a certain menu.
  • !server (amt) - Adds multiple servers for your game.
  • !mstatgiver - Stat giver but only for movables
  • !counter (amt) - Makes An Counter That Will Remove/Add Numbers On Chosen Block. (Works Only With !Counterblock Command)
  • !counterblock - Adds/Removes Numbers On Counter When Other Block Touches It.
  • !script(value) - This makes you can configure the game with scripts.
  • !equation (equation) - Can be used in the middle of scripts, and title says it all. Ex. ezstatgiver equation (variable/stat) * (variable/stat)
  • !pickrandom (number) to (number) - Just pick a random number to number and it will give a random number. Very useful and I think it should be easy to implement
  • !autoteam (player) (stat) - Instead of teamauto, auto team is a way to perm others another team to add design to the game using player or stat. Auto team can be changed also with stat and the player you want. Auto team is a great usage for RPG clan flexing.
  • smovable - A movable that is stable and cannot be moved by players and can only be moved if - Button pressed or smocannon
  • smocannon (power) (side) - smocannon can move stable movables and works like regular cannons.
  • !hideworld - Prevents you from finding it even when searching the world name. Very useful for tower games.
  • !blocklock - Makes the block your hovering over not able to be changed by anybody but the owner.
  • !intermission [time] - Makes an intermission that repeats every time the amount of time is over.
  • !daily - Add this to a regular command and it becomes daily. Really useful!
  • !stathidedecals (stat) (id/weight) - Hides decals on stat.
  • !statshowdecals (stat) (id/weight) - Show decals on stat.
  • !stathideblocks (stat) (id/weight) - Hides blocks on stat.
  • !statshowblocks (stat) (id/weight) - Show blocks on stat.
  • !list (add var/stat or add things to list) - Stores data instead of just creating a bunch of stats. Can use items from list. Useful for achievements.
  • !variable [name] [text] - Stores data in the server.
  • !clickbutton - When clicked, it makes something happen. Like, make an intermission when clicked. Or message when clicked.
  • !automessage [intermission/button] [message text] - Makes a server message display when requirement is reached. If you link a button to this it will display the message shown.
  • !wire - Wires 2 things together.
  • !getblock - Get values from a block, like variables if a variable is attached to a block, or the colors, or something. Could be used to do something like semiscripting where you could do !getblock.color
  • !scriptblock - Works like command blocks from Minecraft. Is a block with scripts in it.
  • !customcommand Makes a command which can either do a combination of commands or execute a script/scriptblock. To not interfere with real commands, the prefix is !!.
  • !ifcommand Works like coding, so we can create more in custom commands
  • !contains (statcontains) (number or stat) we can make statements
  • !gravityblock (amt) - Makes a gravity-change block, reset the individual player's gravity instantly.
  • !partdestroydistance (studs) - Changes the studs under the world which the player dies at, must be under -100. default -500
  • !flinger (size) - Makes a block that flings the player (like baller or tripper)
  • !brickcolorlist (player) - Shows a list of all brick colors
  • !unanchor - Unanchors the block selected. Can be used with ez.
  • !unanchorzone - Unanchors a radius of 500x500 zone, click two corners to do so. You can also weld this with !unanchorzoneweld.
  • !flyblock - Makes the player touched fly. You can add a timer to this. If you touch a fly block again, it will go away.
  • !mkill - Like !kill but removes movables
  • !painter - Makes the clicked block into a painter, which can set the texture and color of movables that are on it.
  • !time - Use in between commands to use time for how much amount in stead of making time commands for everything
  • !gamelogs - This can be used if someone wants too make a server that's realistic and nobody kills without a reason it gives Mods+ access too view if somebody is reporting somebody doing something against the rules the mods+ will have access too view those logs and take the right punishment (Mods are Builders, and this will take pulling out everything that happens on roblox side, and some on blockates side of TPing)
  • !bluxgiver - Makes the clicked block into a blux giver, which gives the player the specified amount of blux if there is enough in the player's [the person who placed the giver] blux value. (Useful for blux obbies) | Benefits: Gives the player the amount of blux that the block gives when touched. | Downsides: Takes the amount of blux away from the player that placed the giver. | Recommended Actions: Before making a game like this, make sure you have enough blux before you place the blux giver. | Function & Apperance: The appearance of a blux giver would be a rotated blux icon with the size being eligible to fit inside the block. The function of a blux giver is to give the player a specified amount of blux. (e.g. Player1 owns a world and makes an obby for blux. They run !bluxgiver 10 and click on a block at the end of the obby. When another player joins, completes the obby and touches the blux giver, 10 blux will be given to them. However, it would take 10 blux away from Player1.) It has a similar function to the command which gives blux.
  • !blockmodifier (command, like "!blockmodifier tele") - This command can make it so that any type of block that is touched with a cube / ball can be modified without using a builder unless it has Block Immunity. If you were to use a command like for example, tele, you would have to specify where first still.
  • !blockdeleter - Applies a "Block Deleter" on the block hovered over which deletes a block it touches, unless cured with the !blockimmunity command.
  • !blockimmunity - Prevents blocks hovered over by the cursor from being affected by !blockmodifier, !blockdelete and !blockadder.
  • !blockadder - Adds blocks above another block, that cubes cannot collide with for five seconds, unless the block that is meant to be below the placed block has Block Immunity on it.

Teleporters:[edit source]

  • !itemtele - This will be used in a realistic server got the police in it, it will have a specific item from the catalog (if this is so you can't let any other team have it but law enforcement) and it will make it when it's is activated it will see which player it touched and whoever it touched will be tped too a specific location which then it will be sent the the game logs if this were too come, and if a police arrested without a reason if the other user report the officer will be reported and warned in the warned command comes too. and the unarrest it will be the same just a new item, and that's it. (I know this takes thousands of codes, but it's still a possibility but if you want the server too recognize it and log it either put it in your logs, or put it in the game logs if it's added, so I hope you enjoy this Ik it's long sorry)
  • !stele (item name) - (Item tele) works like a stat tele except it will only teleport you if you have brought the specified item from the shop. Useful for VIP doors, "game passes" etc.
  • !ctele (clickable tele) - This command just like !tele but a little different, if you're touching the block, it won't teleport until you click it.
  • !cmtele (clickable mtele) - Works just like the !clickable tele, except if a movable is touching the block, it wont teleport until someone clicks it.
  • !ttele (team color/name) (Admin) - Makes a teleporter only available for teams. Example: You are in a bright red team and you want to go to a bright blue teamtele and you cant because you need to be in the bright blue team. Very useful. (Added in Blockate as !teamtele)
  • !waypoint add (name) (Admin) - Create a waypoint
  • !waypoint remove (name) (Admin) - Remove the waypoint with that name
  • !waypoint (name) (Builder) - Teleports you to that waypoint
  • !mtimetele (number) (Builder) - The timetele command but for movables. (Added in Blockate)
  • !gamepasstele (item name) (Owner) - Instead of using id and all item gamepass commands, when creating an item you can say this and use it like a regular teleporter.
  • !stattimetele - Works like !stattele except you have to wait for the seconds you have selected like !timetele. (Or just basically a combination of !stattele and !timetele.)
  • !mwarp (id) (mwarplocation) - Works just like !warp, except for Movables. Downsides is that you could get raided with Movables.

!mwarplocation (name) Makes a mwarp location that works similar to !warplocation.

Building:[edit source]

  • !waterblock - This causes a block to become water, in which you can swim. This can be used to create waterfalls, pools, lakes, dams or other uses.
  • !saves - (Admin) brings up a menu like the Roblox studio toolbox, Click it and the model will be placed similar to blockate mechanisms but it is transparent and will snap to any block (Saves can save throughout all worlds)
  • !copy - (Admin) Puts a model into the saves by using !save. Select 2 points for your copy to copy it (best to make sure nothing else is in the way). Maximum 50x50, use !bcopy to copy bigger area but might cause lag
  • !bcopy - (Admin) Same as !copy but the maximum is 125x125 (may cause lag though)
  • !duplicate - Duplicates up to a 25x25 area at a different spot. You need to select the middle of where you want your clone to be.
  • !multibuild (amt) (Owner) - Basically fill, but it can make something other then a square.

Aesthetics[edit source]

  • !disabledecals - (Admin) Blocks decals from being applied to blocks with commands such as signs, teamers, statgivers, etc by default. This makes it so that you do not need to waste time using !hidedecals or !ezhidedecals. Use - !exit to stop disabling decals by default.
  • !disableshadows - This command will disable/enable shadows in your world.
  • !fadeblock (time) When you put your mouse cursor over a block, it becomes a fade block. When you stand on the block for the specified amount of time, the block gets destroyed. You can also get off of the block and it doesn't break. This command is helpful in Quest worlds or for parkour. By default it would respawn after 5 seconds.
  • !camerablock (location) - If you put this on a block, you can watch locations, and alternate between them if theres more cameras and the camera block is clicked.
  • !location (name) - Creates a selecter. Cover an area then it will be called whatever you named it. Used with camera block.
  • !faderespawn (time) - Sets the amount of time a fade block would take to re-spawn when applied to an existing fade block.
  • !fogger [start] [end] - Will cause a fog that starts at [start] studs away from you, and fades [end] studs away from you once you step/touch a certain block. Default: [start] - 0 [end] - 10000
  • !fogger color [r] [g] [b] - Sets the color of the fog. Hover your mouse on the - !fogger - block to change its fog color. Defaults to 191, 191, 191.
  • !fogger localtrigger - Will cause a fog to appear only on you screen. Hover your mouse at the - !fogger - block to enable - !fogger localtrigger. Type the command again to disable it.
  • !atmosfog - Uses ROBLOX's new atmospheric fog feature. Uses the same commands and arguments as - !fog but has a new command, - !atmosfog haze [0-100] - which determines how much fog will cover the skybox.
  • !skyblock [skyboxname] - Sets the skybox to the world (only works when a player touches it). You can use - !skyblock local to change only for the player have touched it.
  • !skytime [hour of the day] - Sets the time of the skybox (day night and etc) (only works when a player touches it). You can use - !skytime local to change only for the player have touched it.

Player[edit source]

  • !item statgiver <gear name> <stat name> <amt> - Gives the <amt> of that stat to the player if they buy that.
  • !spinner (speed) - Spins a player when applied to a block and the player is standing on the spinner.
  • !fly - Makes you fly. - (Added)
  • !R15 - Makes all players become R15. This enables the use of Rthro, the new emotes feature, and animations into the game. Only works for new servers. Type !r15 to disable.
  • !Scale - (Username) (Size) - Sizes The Chosen Player - (Username) To Size You Want.(Size)
  • !Scaler (Size) - When Player Touches plrsizeblock - the player transforming to - (Size)
  • !SmugDance - An amazing guy/gal dancing.
  • !tpose - Makes the player T-pose
  • !givestat [player] - [stat] [id] - Gives the player's stat the id
  • !removestat - [player] [stat] [id] - Removes the player's stat's id
  • !reset - [player] - Instead of use !kill and make a player back to the spawn, players will reset and gears with them will be removed and still stay in the same place they are standing.
  • !cameralimiter - [value] - This will change the player who stepped on the block's camera limit.
  • !maxhealth [player] [value] - Changes a player's maximum health.
  • !health [player] [value] - Changes a specific player's health.

Anti-Grief[edit source]

  • !rollback [user] [time] - When you press enter, it will show a preview of what will be rolled back. You need to type the command - !confirm to confirm the rollback. If not, wait 10 seconds and it will disappear. This is useful for preventing griefers, as you could just rollback their actions. (Kinda Added)
  • !zone [zone_name] - Creates a zone from one point to]
  • !zonemodify [zone_name] [Settings] [true/false] [Perm] - Configures a zone's Settings to true/false and the limitation that only affects people with that perm or the limitation only allows a player. Available Settings: Modify(Place/Destroy blocks), Enter(Enter the zone) Available Perms: Visitor, Builder, Admin
  • !statzonemodify [zone_name] [Settings] [true/false] [Perm] - Like !zonemodify, but instead of perms, you use stats.

Audio[edit source]

  • !musicmenuadd - Adding A Music Menu To World. In Players Can Set Music To His/her Game (Local - Music Chosen By Player Only For Him/her)
  • !musicmenumusic [id] - Adding New Song/Music To Music Menu With ID From Library
  • !placemusic [id] - When you touch a block, it changes local music to - [id] when touched, the difference between soundblock and placemusic is, that soundblock is distance-based so when you get far, you won't hear, placemusic is played only for you.
  • !soundblock show - When you run the command with your cursor on a soundblock, it will display the properties (pitch, volume, radius, ID, etc.) of the soundblock on your screen.
  • !soundblock disable - Turns the block you're hovering your cursor over into a block that disables audio from soundblocks.

Moderation[edit source]

  • !timeban <plr> <minutes> - Bans <plr> for <minutes> of time.
  • !permban <plr> - Bans <plr> like a usual ban, but the player is not unban-able.
  • !groupban <group ID> - Bans the group from joining the game
  • !mute <plr> - Prevents player from talking (can be !unmuted too)
  • !warn <plr> <reason> - Gives a player a warn. Notifies the player too.
  • !warns <plr> - Get a list of warns a player has
  • !warnsconfig <hub after warns (HAW)> <ban after warns (BAW)> - Automatically hubs/bans the player after H.A.W and B.A.W respectively.

Misc[edit source]

  • !damager (dmg) (secs) - Makes the block into a kill block but it not kill you instantly. But damages you when it cool down.
  • !ballcolor <player> <brickcolor> or <hex value> - Sets the ball color for the specified player. If <player> is ommited, it sets the default ball color this world. Default is random.
  • !ladderjump block - Turns a block into the block that allows players to ladder jump
  • !beam (id) - Adds a beam to the certain block location. (Default speed: 1 Default length: 1 Default width: 1)
  • !temporarytripper <seconds> - This trips the player who touches it for a certain amount of time. Useful for NOJUMP games.
  • !powerup health [value] - Changes a player's health once they touch the specific block.
  • !permer [rank] - (Owner) Make the block into a block who give/remove perm to the player who touch this.
  • !avatarer <shirt/pants/t-shirt/head/torso/left leg/right leg/left arm/right arm/user> <Item ID> <Avatarer ID>- (Builder) Turns a block into a block that overrides a clothing item/body part. Useful for RPs.
  • !unavatarer <Avatar ID> - (Builder) Turns a block into a block that reverts an Avatarer Id.
  • !banner - (Owner) Bans the person when they touch it (good for blacklisting area) (Good for moderation but isn't a moderation command)
  • !hubber - (Admin) Like Banner but it kicks somebody (Good for anti-glitch) (Good for moderation but isn't a moderation command)

NPC[edit source]

  • !npc create (id) - (Admin) Creates an NPC.
  • !npc edit (id) - (Admin) Edits an NPC's Details, Such as HP, Speed and Looks.
  • !npc dialogue (id) - Opens a tab that helps you with the dialogue.
  • !npc ai (id) - Opens a tab that allows you to make the AI of an npc and how they work: For example. If you have a certain stat, They will follow you. If you are a certain radius to them, They follow you.
  • !npclist - (Admin) Displays the list of NPC's created by other users.
  • !npc remove (id) - (Admin) Removes the NPC your mouse is hovering at.

Warp Accesibility:[edit source]

!warpaccessibility (all, m, p, off) or from the World Menu - Has a tab that appears on the settings page on the world menu that controls whether you can use !warp, !mwarp, both of them, or none of them. This menu also allows for if players, from a world, from a different creator can use !warplocation or !mwarplocation in your world to warp.

Suggested Features[edit source]

This next section is about features (not commands) Blockate should add to make the game better.

Hat Trading[edit source]

Adds a tab to the !world menu that allows you to trade with people in any of the hubs, you would only be able to trade in hubs not worlds so that people don't annoy/spam you with trade requests or spam in chat. - There could also be a way to sell hats to other players.

Blockate & Mechanisms:[edit source]

Merging the features included in Blockate Mechanisms with Blockate would not only increase opportunities for the talented Blockate community to show even more creativity but also improve Blockate a lot it could possible be the best update to Blockate so far! You could bring life to a city with cars, trucks or even trains.

Don't forget, you can vote on it here

Custom Permissions:[edit source]

Adds a + button to the perms tab on the world tab (v) that allows the owner to add a custom name to the permission and to specify which commands the perm would include. Another part of the feature could include specifying whether a player can use the given commands on other players or just them self, e.g allowing players to use the !gear command but only on themselves. The permission levels created by the owner would also be added to the !cmds list in its own section, which could use a "drag'n drop" system to allow the owner to specify how high or low in the cmds list the permissions name and commands would be displayed. This feature could also include a way to edit how the commands in default permission levels can be used by selecting who admins, builders or visitors can use the commands on, like if admins can use the !kill (plr) command on everyone, themself or no one, this could also be applied to the !dab (plr) command. This could be useful for things like giving co-owners the ability to use specified owner only commands and for allowing players to use specific commands only like !gear (plr) (id), which could be used to create a pvp game that allows players to add there own gear but not use any other commands, like !kill.

Music Menu:[edit source]

!musicmenu add (name) (music ID) - A new tab on world menu (similar to the shop tab). Players can use it to set music that only you can hear (client side).

NPCs:[edit source]

This feature allows other players to make their own custom NPCs and add them to their Blockate world! Players can install their NPCs by typing: !NPClist, which shows a personal list of user-generated NPCs. NPCs are good for credits, enemies, quests, - interactive NPCs, ect. This feature is a really good for adventure games like, RPGs, tutorials, and other random games people tend to make. In order to add your own NPC, you need to type in this command called: !addnpc, which is a visitor command. This command will teleport you to the NPC customization room on a separate game. I will try to make like an example on how it should work sooner or later.

Badge Rewards[edit source]

Rewards give you Blux for gaining a badge e.g, Dedicated Builder Reward = +125 Blux.

Friends Tab:[edit source]

The 'Friends Tab' is used for as a way easier way to determine which worlds your friends are in. It would also allow player to determine if the world is private or 'public'.

Recently Played Tab:[edit source]

The title says it all. (This is already in Blockate with the Recently Played filter.)

Permed Tab:[edit source]

In this tab you could see every world that you have perms in

Like Feature:[edit source]

Allows players to like worlds, 1 like would = 5 Blux given to the world's creator. Also a new liked tab. (Similar to the Recently Played Tab). There would not be a dislike feature.

Report Feature:[edit source]

Just a button that sends an alert with the name of the world to admins, there would not be a section to submit a written report as that just gets abused a lot. Useful for Blux scam games or copyright infringements taken down ASAP. False reports could be ban-able, this would also need a way to stop bots.

Clone world:[edit source]

With this feature, players can clone their world and they don't need rebuild the same thing who can take lot of time. We can clone the world into the other world, but the old build in other world will be deleted and we can also clone one of your world into a new world, but it will cost blux

Co-Owners and Tri-Owners[edit source]

Owners can make co-owners that have the same perms as owners, but can't make co-owners. Owners can make tri-owners, which are the same. Co-owners can request to make tri-owners.

Block list

Get a list of blocks and all their properties. shortcut skip to them in build mode with Shift+1 to Shift+9, and Shift+0.

Adds a tab to the !world menu that allows you to trade with people in any of the hubs, you would only be able to trade in hubs not worlds so that people don't annoy/spam you with trade requests or spam in chat. - There could also be a way to sell hats to other players.

Recent played tab[edit source]

In the blockate world list, players can return in a world who had played before It's useful if you want play the same world tomorow after sleeping without need find the world in the search bar

Text Menu[edit source]

You can tap Shift + T and it comes up with a text menu. You can add a SurfaceGUI > TextLabel, and modift the following:

  • Text
  • Text Stroke Transparency
  • Text Stroke Color
  • Text Size
  • Text Font
  • Text Color
  • Background Transparency
  • Background Color

Demo Worlds

Demo Worlds will have a time limit, it can be set between 60-3,600 seconds. you do !demo [60-3600], after the time limit is up, you get banned from the world, admins and owner can't undo the ban

Note: Admins, Owners, and Blockate Staff are not affected

Please note, this page is unofficial, your commands and/or features may or may not be added to Blockate