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Report Button: !resetworld.
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Report Button[edit source]

The report button is a Blockate feature used to report inappropriate or rule-breaking assets inside of worlds.

How to use the report button[edit source]

Unlike the Blockate-Discord Report channel, Blockate reports are able to be made by clicking the triangle (with an exclamation mark inside) symbol on the top right of a world’s thumbnail on the worlds menu page.

What is rule-breaking?[edit source]

Here is a non-exhaustive list of things that the report button may be used for (of course, not limited to, but a few examples)

  • Worlds with buildings to get past Roblox filters
  • Inappropriate or suggestive worlds
  • Worlds that include blux gambling systems
  • Worlds with targeted harassment
  • Worlds that are preparing to maliciously raid other worlds
  • Worlds with any kinds of links
  • Worlds that run exploits or other types of scripts
  • Worlds dedicated to scamming players

Reliability of report button[edit source]

Although Blockate may have a report button, that does not mean that the report button is 100% reliable. Many say that reports using the report button never get seen, and it is highly possible that this is true. But it is highly likely that it works by sending a Discord Webhook to a staff channel.

Therefore, the best alternative to the report button is the Blockate-Discord reports channel. (only if you are 13+, though)

Discord reports are read quite often by staff members, and if you ping an administrator to your report, they will instantly be notified to read your report.