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Old UI: !resetworld.
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old UI open tab

Show UI was a feature that was leftover from the building UI revamp,

It was used for people who used to the old UI rather than the new UI

It's appearance was a small persimmon rectangular button with the text "Show Old UI," once clicked parts of the old UI appears such as:

  • Change material
  • Block type
  • Change block size

removed feature|title1 = show old UI|image1 = Show old ui.PNG|caption1 = open UI in closed state|date_added = 31 July 2019|date_removed = 13 November 2019

Removal[edit source]

It's unknown why this feature has been removed due to the (original) owner, fewkz not revealing it to us, and we probably won't figure out why since as of May 6th, fewkz has completely quit Roblox & Blockate (read more)

In replacement for the old UI, the following keybinds are in place to replace having to press the < and > buttons in the old UI:

Q and E - Previous color, next color,

Z and X - Previous material, next material,

Shift + F and Shift + G - Previous shape, next shape (Newly added after old UI was removed)

F and G - Previous size, next size

File:Show old ui hide.PNG
show old UI in open state