Movable Mechanisms

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Movable Mechanisms: !resetworld.
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Movable Mechanisms is something people came up with which allows you to 'program' with balls and cubes using movable teleporters and autorespawn to your advantage.

You can use these mechanisms to make some pretty impressive stuff, Automatic Simon Says is probably one of the first worlds to ever use these mechanisms efficiently to make something fun and unique, after it was created other amazing worlds such as Tomi's Minigames showed up.

Movables are also often used in games such as simulator games, country games, and obby games. Simulator games often use them for where you push a movable into a location, or plot, and get cash for that. Country games often use movables as Soldiers, Civilians, or Storms (With decals on them). Obby games use movables as a tool to push at a wall to climb over it, or have movables move on a cannons to ride/jump on.