Misc/The Verified City Incident

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The Origin[edit source]

A ROBLOX user named VOLTRONagent_isGONE has brought the Blockate community together to help build a city known as Verified City. Him and his friends who include wilwiked, Dim_light, masterpro500 and others to help him. They have built so much from a government building to a fire department to a working monorail! The city was great, until a turn of events happened.

The Grieving and the Nuke[edit source]

A user named GloomyGhosts had perms to build, until he abused them. Day by day, Gloomy slowly griefed small areas of the map until one night, he broke it all! Here is a picture dim took on the damage.

It was hopeless, until a nuke was launched to finish off the city, that’s when the era of Bridge Town began.

Welcome to Bridge Town[edit source]

Bridge Town was an apocalyptic town on a bridge that overlooked the ruins of what used to be known as Verified City. There, they used apocalyp materials from the ruins of the city. While the monorail was being constructed, an unknown visitor joined...

That’s besides the point. Masterpro and dim joined blockate later on to see an empty void as the hub. Later on, it was resolved. That’s when Voltron and the crew decided to rebuild the city after dim’s motivation.

The Repairing[edit source]

As we speak, Voltron, dim, masterpro, wilwiked, aseopup, and many more is continuing to rebuild the city. The moral of the story is, you can’t trust everyone, especially strangers.